Wednesday, February 03, 2010

strawberry delight

...that's what we call it around here. I'm a lover of fruits.

Our store had the fattest, juiciest, red strawberries so I bought THREE cartons. You may not love fat strawberries as much as I do, and if that happens to be the case for you---a solution, I give you.

First, cut up your berries and put them on a pretty plate so that you can first marvel at the delicious fruit.

Secondly, serve yourself two large scoops of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream {I buy GV, b/c I'm cheap like that, and it's very delicious}.

-Now mix the two, and voila!!! Strawberry Delight. If you've ever had Sweet Cream and Strawberries at Marble Slab, this is a delightful homemade substitute.


Lindsay said...

Love, love, love strawberries and vanilla bean ice cream. I usually throw the Dreyer's light version in so I can call it 'health food'...and possibly even not feel guilty about eating said health food for breakfast :p

Stephanie said...

GIRL! You would have LOVED the breakfast I made for the first time this morning

- french toast with cream cheese and strawberry spread in the middle and sliced strawberries on the side -

the recipe was from my WEIGHT WATCHERS recipe book! haha! it was soooOo delicious. {except that they didn't tell me to put powdered sugar on it - my husband added that one =)}