Friday, August 27, 2010

meet the newest Pettijohn

Our happy story kinda, sorta starts with a sad one - before I introduce the newest member of our family I must first tell that we are down one kitty. Our Big.

JR and I adopted two brother kitties, 4 years ago, Beanie and Big. They've been our 'babies' long before babies were really a thought. Beanie is the slower of the two, and the one most drawn to me - while Big was JR's kitty, the feisty and more intelligent cat. Well, a couple of months ago they moved outside to be outdoor kitties after not taking to the new house well and leaving us 'gifts' - really disgusting, heinous gifts around the house. Nope. The transition didn't go too bad, until one morning Big was gone, and since then has not returned :(

Beanie is still meandering out there, but has been very lonely without his orange counterpart. He left us with a kitty void, and since Big was really the only kitty Beanie will tolerate we felt that maybe it was dog time at the Pettijohn House. Dog. With a baby on the way. Arewecrazyorwhat?

After long searching for the perfect dog to fit into our family - we think we've found the one. We were actually picky this time, with breeders and such, considering we have to have a dog that a) likes kids b) can live outside c) big but not enormous...we're lab lovers so that of course helped narrow our search. We saw a few different pups, and to say that the one we got was 'meant to be' is the dang truth. I'm talking, the one we picked up the week before had a SEIZURE two miles down the road after paying for him. A seizure. We were freaked out of our ever dang minds.

Nothing will replace Big, but we have found someone with a cute face that has helped Beanie come back to life a bit - and given us just one more 'baby' to raise :)

Meet Bradford.

He comes from a long line of hunting dogs {thus, he'll likely get thrown into some wintery animal hunts, eeeek, if my husband and pa-in-law have any say} and upon checking him out we knew he was the pup for us. We were so pleased with the breeders, and feel confident we made the right choice! Since the weather has been so nice, we've been getting Bradford used to Hudson and Hudson used to Bradford. They've butt heads a few times, but overall it's a lot of fun to spend our days outside now with our Bradford pup!! He is only crated at night, and not once has cried - much less whimpered at nighttime. We're feeding him three times a day, and he goes 'potty' in the grass, away from where we play. Score. So far, so GOOD!

The only problem is, when we are outside, we can't keep Hudson out of this:

He loves, loves Bradford's crate. In and out, in and out! It's hilarious when they both end up in there together.

We keep saying he's our 'Marley', and the only dog our babies will ever know. So as we approach meeting our Baby Belle, we are spending our days outside with Bradford getting ready for what's to come :) That does include Sooner Football ----------------that alone, will get it's own post{s}.
Before I get into football, I'll sparkle your day with what sparkles mine - this face.


Abby said...

Omiword! Soooo cute! He is such a doll - the boy, not the dog ;)

But, wait, the dog is really cute too!!!! Good luck!!!

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness you guys are going to have your hands full with a toddler, newborn and puppy all at once! Can't wait to see what the future chaos. =)
What a cute puppy with a cute name.

Kerrymarie said...

aw he is gorgeous!!

Ashley Kate said...

I'm sorry about your Big :( Maybe he wondered off and some little girl picked him up and he's just being cuddled to pieces by her. Bradford is adorable! Looks like life is good :)

The Neaves' said...

poor big :(

1 <3 bradford. He'll be a great dog for the babies!!

Mama Dub said...

Two cuties! And I love his name! Perfect fit!