Thursday, February 10, 2011

are you busy, too?

We've got company this evening (a friend of JR's), company tomorrow (one of the prettiest families I know) you might know of them! We have a birthday party celebrating a one year old in this most precious family this weekend, too. That's how we do :) busy, busy, and busy. We love it. I think our calendar is full into the middle of March. A calendar, hahaha! It always makes me laugh when my girlfriend's and I, 'put' each other in our calendars. Lame! I have to do that or I'll forget to shower, even. Lame! Do you have a calendar for your family?? Please tell me you do. I definitely have some blog world friends that I would LOVE to put in my calendar one day! Cheers to the totally creepy world of blogging!!

I was going to do one of my '10 things you should know about Natalie' posts, but I always think of them when I'm in the car listening to Kesha or something else horribly inappropriate for a mother of two to be jamming to. Alone. In the car. I then forget by the time I'm actually at the computer.I'll tell you one since I've already built you up with such anticipation.

#6 thing you should know about me: I use really cheap makeup. I read all of these blogs of girls who use high-end clothes, shoes (I do share in this, shoot - can't resist a nice shoe), makeup, toilet paper. Whatever. I've got two tiny's, a home I like to decorate, a dog that has some toys more costly than my clothes, and maybe one day a week that I actually wear it. My only splurge is Bare Escentuals eye shadow. They're stellar and shiny. Outside of that, my face is courtesy of whatever they stock at Walmart and Target. I hope you can't tell, and if you can just don't tell me.

Before I leave you with some fun and excitement tomorrow, I'll leave you today with two pictures I posted a few years ago of JR and I as tots. I'd say our babies are a pretty fair blend of the both of us, with more a lean towards JR :) I'll take that, he's hot.


Erica said...

Well, I have always used cheap makeup minus my powder, I use bare minerals powder and it's pricey but it will last me close to a year, not too bad! I have subscribed to Kandee Johnson on youtube as of recently and I'm addicted to her. She's a makeup artist and her makeup is flawless! She gives how to's and what she uses so I am now going to splurge quite a bit and buy some more expensive makeup. I honestly can't wait. I only wear makeup maybe 2 days a week. I am a stay at home mom to 2 as well and am in my gym clothes all day during the week. I just need to feel a little "prettier" I think it will do me and my family some good :)

Life at the White House said...

You make me laugh, friend. It's a goal of mine to be penciled in to your calendar at some point! :)

And your make-up always looks great... I would be so thrilled to find a good drug store powder for my oily skin! I don't wear pricey make-up per say (as compared to some), but my powder foundation is $38 a compact, which adds up!

And ps - totally do the baby photography thing! You'd rock at it!

the tichenor family said...

YOU, mama, crack me up! What I wouldn't give to pencil in the Pettijohn fam into my calendar... sooo not ashamed of my creepy ways! ha!

And, believe it or not, I've worn the same shade of Mac blush since middle school. My 3 year old spiked it on the kitchen floor a few weeks ago, so "in a pinch" I picked up a RIMMEL brand at the grocery store (cheapest they had) until I could go replace the Mac. I've gotten at least 4 compliments on my blush. Are you kidding? Who compliments blush?! I'm stickin' with my $3.00 grocery store rouge. Thank you very much!! :)

The Drama Mama said...

Oh my word, you crack me up...we have too many similarities!! I just recently got hooked on Bare Escentuals...before that (and minus the things I get at BE) I was totally a target-makeup-kind-of-girl! But, well worth the splurge! Oh, and the calendar thing...right there with ya! Have fun with your very busy weekend...can't wait to hear all about it! Love & HUGS!!

Melissa said...

you are hysterical. Love calenders and use them all the time because playdates only happen and I only remember them if I write them down. has the most adorable planners and calenders. Obsessed with them!. Also do you guys have lulu lemon out there? Such a splurge but think it is all I wear all day with the kiddos and even if I don't work out I feel like I did just by wearing it. The babes are beautiful :)

Lindsay said...

Bare minerals is my bestest friend :)

Oh and we are excused from creapy status if we ever get together cause we have a mutual friend :)

You and your hubby are absolutely adorable!