Monday, October 02, 2006

Ashlee, this one's for you!

So, apparently checking our page has become one of Ashlee's daily rituals, soo we had to dedicate one to her! What a GREAT wknd we had! I was kind of sad at first heading up there because we were taking Okie to his new home, but the car ride up was so fun! He's the best puppy in the whole world! We picked him up from Ponder, and he was a little restless up until Bowie when we let him out and we played with him for 20 min or so. Being the precious, perfect dog that he is, he slept from there all the way home. His absolute favorite place to sleep is on his daddy's lap! Ronnie and JR built him a HUGE pen, which at first he wasn't totally sure about, but I think he'll grow to like it. We found out this morning, smarty pants found a sneaky little way out, so Ronnie had to put some barbed wire along the edge of the pen. Gosh, I miss him. He loves it out there though. JR and I took him down to Rock Bottom before we left so we could get some alone time with him, and he played in the water but he got a little scared when he realized some of the parts got a little deeper than others, awww. Nancy was taking him to the vet today to get rid of his fleas, so he'll be one happy pup after that!

We finally got some much needed family time!! I hadn't been up in a month! That's the longest I've been away since we've been together! I had the babies all day Saturday! They're not babies anymore though :( Baby boy is turning into a big boy now, and Emma is a little lady but she's still my lil partner. We took them to the Fall Carnival Saturday night, of which Emma wasn't too fond of. She kiiiinda liked it, but after about an hour she was over it, BUT Joseph on the other hand thought he'd found heaven on earth! Haha, he was soooo funny! I got some hilarious pictures of him! He got to play in one of those bounce things for the very first time and JR had
to go in there just to get him out! We also did the big slide with them, I took Emma & JR took Joseph. JR told him to put his hands up, and you'll see in the picture, he just completely released!!!! SO HILARIOUS! He is not afraid of anything at all! We had just as much fun as they did I think though!!

Now we're Uncle JR and Nata-we. They are both so sweet and loving, and next time we are gonna have to video them saying "Nata-we I love you" Oh, gosh so cute. Can't ever get enough of that!!

Well, on a sad parents house got broken into while they were in Miami. They got home Sunday night and noticed some strange things open in the house, so we went straight over there last night. The scariest thing is, JR went over there Friday after work to go check the mail, and went in thru the garage. When he got to the door that goes from the garage to house, it was open about a foot. My dad left on Thursday morning and was the last one to leave, and he never ever does stuff like leave a door open, etc...JR called me immediately and told me something didn't feel right. He then went thru the front door and left it open while he went to check the mail, and that is when we think they left thru the window they came in. If JR hadn't been there, they would have prob wiped my parents out. They had doors open ready to take stuff, but it looks like they got scared when JR came in and surprised them. They broke the window in the back in the guest room, pulled it open and came in that way. They even managed to pull the window shade back down. Very scary. Dallas police came and found a hand print, so we're waiting to see if anything matches. I'm praying praying praying it does, but you never know. I feel sooo bad for my parents, but they're taking it pretty well. It was the ONE day the alarm wasn't set. So, now JR and I are getting an alarm for our house. I'm considering also getting two Rottweilers, maybe even some Dobermans too. I'm not sure I could put up much of a fight, except for maybe the baseball bat of Joe's, that he and JR think I would do more harm to myself trying to swing it, HAHA! So, please keep my parents in your prayers!

The last thing I have to share is a picture of our beautiful roses, the most beautiful I've ever seen! We got them at Bill's shop, the weekend Nancy and Ronnie came in town. I hope you all have a safe and happy week! We'll be at home this weekend going to the fair with Blake and Jennifer and watching some OU Football! Boomer Sooner!!!!

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