Monday, October 16, 2006

Friends at the Farm

Isn't nice to finally show someone what you've been talking about for so long?? This past weekend, we finally took Lauren & Ricardo to the farm. We got there really late Friday night, because we stopped in Ponder for a quick dinner. We can't ever head up without stopping there lately! Saturday morning we got up and tried to make it to a donut shop, but with our scenic drive :) we didn't quite make it, so Sonic was our morning pit stop. You know JR can't just go home after that...he took us on a crazy ride on some dirt roads out by the lake! It was like a roller coaster!! We laughed so hard I got a six pack! JOKE! If we hadn't had guests, I would've taken my daily farm nap but I resisted and instead went and laid outside with Okie :) The boys started to play with all of Ronnie's guns, next think I know Lauren is over there shooting a 20-gauge! I hope I have that right?! I knew JR would be dissapointed if I didn't atleast try, but Lauren ended up being the girl champion shooter of the day! JR is still asking me why I couldn't shoot skeet like Lauren! Yeah, she showed me up! HA, funny. We all ended up with some bruised arms...good times. Now, for the REAL farm part---Nancy's home cooking! This time, the menu was Fried Chicken, Mashed Pots, Corn, Green Beans, and Rolls. YUM! Lauren even took a pic of the dinner table, because she said it looked like a grand feast!! I tooooold her so! After dinner we went and saw Talladega Nights, which we thought was super funny! I think Will Ferrell is hilarious! We might have to buy that one ;)

On Sunday we got up early and headed out towards the mountains. Our first stop was (my favorite) Meers!! We had delicious burgers and cobbler, like always. After that we drove them up to "the chapel" and they loved it and said that it was perfect :) **I happen to think so too**It was a cloudy, rainy day so most of the animals were up in the woods but we did manage to see a couple of turkeys and some deer, but no buffalo. Oh yeah, and one elk but from really far away. Medicine Park was our last stop and that is where we took most of our pics. The easiest way to describe what we did out there is to just post my pics of the day out there but I must also add my tragic fall down the bridge (JR thinks it is probably the funniest thing he has ever and will ever see in his whole entire life) it was pretty funny, but they got some pics of the aftermath. Enjoy, grr.

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