Tuesday, October 10, 2006

OU/TX 2006

No win for OU but it was still a fun weekend! Friday night was when I realized how old we'd become when suddenly the millions of drunk people, the OU/TX fights, and the inability to walk around without feeling like you're going to be arrested by one of the 10,000 Dallas police officers just didn't seem fun to us anymore. Funny how that used to be F-U-N to us just a few years ago...my how time has changed. (sigh of relief) The good times really started on Saturday! We watched the game in the comfort our own home, which was perfect so that we could just lay around and I napped a little! Once the game was over we got ready and drove out to Denton to meet Blake and Jennifer so that they could follow us to Ponder. We went and had dinner at Ranchman's! I'd never been on a Saturday night when it's actually full! It was so fun and delicious! Here's JR and Blake playing outside while we waited to be seated...

We had intended on going out somewhere in Uptown after dinner but we ended up just talking and hanging out until 4am! I think it was more fun doing that than going out to some loud, overcrowded bar. Sunday morning we all got up around 10am, actually the boys did and had to forcefully wake Jennifer and I up! Them 3 went down the street to West Village and walked around and got Starbucks while I showered and got ready. JR said they loved it down there because of all the life and the people out walking their dogs and stuff. We got to the fair around noon, and our first stop were the car shows (only b/c you had to go thru them to get to the food) we all know what my first stop would have been!! So, we headed to the corn dogs right after the cars!!

The coolest part of the whole fair I think was the Chevy test drive center! They had their whole line of vehicles out except for the Corvette, much to JR's dismay, and you could test drive any one of them as many times as you wanted! So, ofcourse our first drive was the brand new Silverado, and I truly think that when we were driving it, JR loved the truck more than me :) Then we drove the brand new Suburban! WOW! It was so beautiful. My heart is with the Tahoe but they were both amazing, and that will for sure be our next vehicle. MY next vehicle. HAHA! JR gets the Silverado. Blake and Jen also drove some of the smaller ones like this one-----> so funny! We got some really cool free backpacks (JR makes fun of me becuase I like them so much) and some t-shirts! So fun!

We rode some rides, which let me say, were WAY scarier than Six Flags. I would say that was mostly due to the fact that every time I got on one my only thoughts were visions of these massive rides being taken apart and put together every couple of weeks and never being inspected! Not to mention the creaks they make when they're swinging you 100 mph back and forth! AH! I was scared, but they really are some crazy fun rides! Now, my favorite parts was...can you guess???? The animals!! YAY! We went to the Cattle Barn and we saw the world's biggest bull. He was cute, and had floppy ears! I saw sooo many cute cows! We saw some donkeys and some mean horses. They didn't have Clydesdales this year, boo. All of this took about 5 hours, and we were ready to go home after that. We went home, cleaned up and took them to dinner at Mi Cocina! We sat outside, because the weather was perfect and we had such a great time! The food was great, and we watched all the people and cool cars go by.

It was a GREAT weekend! Blake and Jennifer are so much fun, and I know JR loved having one of his best friends here to see him! We were sad to see them go...

One more thing I wanted to add were some pictures that I've been playing with, I'll show the original and then the ones I've worked on. Hope you all like them!

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