Monday, October 30, 2006

The countdown begins...

Okay, only two more days until my braces! AH! I'm starting to freak out! I'M GOING TO DO IT, I'M GOING TO DO IT, I'M GOING TO DO IT! I have to keep repeating that to myself so that I don't chicken out (fear). Okay, so a little recap of our Halloween weekend! Scott came in town Friday night, and we said farewell to Jesse (sp?) and Miss Kitty! Saturday morning we met Ash, Brandon and Johna at Six Flags for a jam-packed day at the park. Man, it was FULL! They had to shut it down around 6 pm because the park was at maximum capacity. Way too much for me to handle. That night we headed out to Waxahachie to the million dollar haunted houses. Ha, just kidding but they were expensive. I just don't necessarily get the thrill of feeling like at any second I could turn a corner and encounter a creepy white faced clown, or a crazy man with a chainsaw chasing after me in lung-constricting smoke while trying to somehow manage to escape a maze with my eyes closed and clinging on to whatever poor soul happens to be in front of me. Yeah, that is basically the experience I get out of haunted houses. I like to laugh, cry, all of those emotions that humans normally encounter throughout life, but fear is definately not one of the emotions that I like to add to my life unless it's absolutely necessary. There, I said it. I hate haunted houses.
The experience of having us all together though, was great and we had so much fun! Turns out I'm the scaredy cat of the bunch! Who'd a thunk it?!?! Here are our pics of the weekend! I hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!

This is the sweater from my mom and dad! Doesn't he look so handsome?!

Okay, now this is what happens when JR takes my camera when I'm not looking...enjoy!

Here's a little story--at the haunted houses Saturday night, Scott decided he wanted to do a high kick on the gravel while we were all walking up to get in and maybe kicked a little hard and landed smack on his back....OH I cannot express in words what that fall looked like, but the best way to describe it would be like a bad ice skating's the morning after pic!!

Okay, now this one I may possibly get in trouble for but--HAHAHHAHAHAHAH Ashlee looks like she has 4 eyes! I figure it was fair game since in two days she'll be able to call me metal mouth for the next 9 months! Here goes...

Disclaimer** Ash, you said you wanted to make the blog :) LOVE YOU!

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