Wednesday, May 21, 2008

last but not least...

a perfect way to start our new life together
again, typical nat
our view from dinner on our last night
sad about leaving our honeymoon
out of order, but our house was decorated when we got back :) thanks ma and pa pettijohn! it was so cute!
what we ate the whole entire week
a mexi sunset
posing :)
not tooo crazy about the lobster
heading out for our last dinner in mexi
water pic

the sand dollar he found, that he later sat on and broke :(
our footprints in the sand
our last day at the beach
thug husband
warning jr about any iguana threats

sunbathing iguana, jr was terrified!
mr. and mrs. pettijohn!
kissing at the cove
watch your step...iguanas out!

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Ricardo and Lauren said...

HAHHA!!! JR and his reptiles!