Monday, May 19, 2008

bride before, wife after

I never really knew what I wanted to look like as a bride, growing up. Never was one to buy bride magazines, know what style dress, etc...all I knew was that my hair would not be up! Ha! Does not suit my face :)

So on July 5th, after JR proposed I knew that the only bride I wanted to be was his. JR has very simple and elegant style, well, after throwing out some "college clothes", and I kept that in mind as I decided how I wanted to look walking down the aisle to my husband.

My dress was simple, per se, ivory with no sequins or frillies. It was an elegant satin gown, made just for me, and just for him.

The hair was simple, with loose curls, and I accented with some big ol' earrings :) I had to go big somewhere!! Big hair, big dress, big earrings! BIG wedding!

I remember after the ceremony was over, and we were about to take pictures and he told me how beautiful I looked, for the first time as his wife. I will never forget it. He always makes me feel beautiful...

and lastly, his favorite :) He took this pic with him on his trip today, my husband!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

beautiful bride:-)

Rob & Amy said...

Gorgeous Nat!!!