Tuesday, May 27, 2008

our memorial wknd

The wedding is over (wow), and we have somewhat returned to normal life and normal weekends, ahh.

In true form, we headed up to the farm this past weekend for some R & R, some very much needed R & R. My vicious virus finally subsided, and I was able to enjoy our relaxing wknd at Central. We didn't rush on Saturday to get up there, instead did some stuff around the house and said goodbye to my Aunt and Uncle from Santa Fe, Argentina who were still visiting from the wedding and we got up there Saturday evening.

Sunday, we had the Thrasher's over and it ended up being an all-day event :) We sat out on the porch after lunch and had some good chat time before the boys headed out for their boy stuff (fishing, 4-wheeler, etc...) while the girls stayed in and played with babies! Well, one really! I also got a really sweet picture of Luke's teeny boy feet...

and ofcourse some pictures of the big boys too!

Monday, we went out and saw NaNa and PaPa and then headed out to the mountain's with Rick, Jodie, Ashlee and kids...and before heading home, a treat!! Nancy, Ronnie, JR and I went and had dinner at The Old Plantation in Medicine Park before heading back! We went home with full a full tummy :) Just how we like it!

We hope you all had a safe and wonderful weekend too!

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Ricardo and Lauren said...

so glad yall had fun!! Let's do dinner soon!!