Tuesday, December 30, 2008


A random posting of updates from The Pettijohn Household:

Husband vetoed this bed, because of the buttons:

so I compromised with this, the same version minus the buttons:

*I may still make a last push for the buttons at a later date

Christmas was lovely and perfect this year. Our first as married's. I got truly spoiled by my husband and we were ever so thankful to enjoy a very sweet Christmas, just the two of us.

The big family Christmas in OK was excellent and topped off with a whole lot of food, just how I like to enjoy my holidays...

a very neat gift we all got from Nancy and Ronnie, were some handwoven baskets made in Africa. They are beautiful and there is a story to them, but I can't quite remember it---either way they are special and quite a work of art. So, I'm on some website yesterday, and LOOK who has our very same baskets!!!!!

Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhall! wowsers! way to go ma-in-law!

We had plans of going to the Christmas Eve service at The Village, and after a warning from the Brock's to get there early...we showed up 10 mins early and it had already been filled up for 30 mins...boo. Next year, we may just camp out. Tents and all. YAY though, for finding a church we really really like very close to our new house!! How awesome!!!

My family is here, right now:

Punta del Este, Uruguay...I have never missed a NYE with my family, this will be my first, and JR and I both, are sad to miss the annual trip. Next year, for SURE though! They are having a wonderful time, and I'm jealous of all the fresh fruit, good food, and beautiful beach we are missing out on :(

We do have a big YAY though! We're getting to spend NYE with The Brock's and The Neaves'!! The festivities begin with dinner at Taverna!!

I absolutely cannot believe 2008 is coming to an end, tomorrow. What a year it has been for us, and we are both so so excited to see what 2009 has in store for us!! We'll start first with building our first home!! hoooooooray :)

On to the New Year......wishing you all a spectacular, fabulous, and joyous 2009!


red30067 said...

i have those baskets too!

Elizabeth said...

Where do you find these amazing baskets? Seems like you can use them for anything!
My sister and many of her friends LOVE the Village Church! I've heard there are a lot of really nice people there!
Happy New Year!

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

Happy New Year Friends!!! We love you!!!

Nforce said...

Isn't that nice your Christmas was so perfect.

Jeff and Heather Dawn said...

We have the bed...minus the buttons and it is beautiful! Just add a nice piece of artwork above the bed to add some definition!!