Thursday, December 04, 2008

the beginnings

Here's a look at the color scheme we've chosen for the interior of our future HOME!

A mid-toned rustic cabinet with dark accents, 5" dark espresso brown hardwoods, and a light grainy granite----add to it, stainless appliances and brushed nickel fixtures!!!

The kitchen is the highlight of this house, so I fret daily about the color combos, etc...

Tomorrow the realtors are coming to take pictures of our condo :( I am a little's our first "home" together...eager though to have a HOUSE!!


Rob and Amy said...

We have those same cabinets, and same color hardwoods!!!! I hope you enjoy picking everything out!!! It's such a fun, fun time!!!!!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

Love it all!!!

Jeff and Heather Dawn said...

How much fun?!?!?!
Are you having the greatest time preparing for your new home?

Life at the White House said...

you should check out some of the house photos i've posted on my blog. our cabinets are very similar (if not exact) to those you picked out.

i really like them.....for our future, dream home, i plan on doing white cabinets, not sure on the color granite, with great pulls and knobs (pretty similar to the ones we have now).

hope this helps? i was SO, SO, SO nervous when they were installing our cabinets and granite when we built - i was terrified what i picked out wouldn't look right in the kitchen. it looks great and i always get lots of compliments.

here's a link to some kitchen photos. :-)