Monday, December 01, 2008

new york, new york

Some of our NYC snapshots! We are home safe and sound from a TRULY WONDERFUL family Thanksgiving trip! These are in no particular order, as Blogger jumbles them---grr.

Beautiful, grand church in Harlem---they even bless animals here. Next time I'm bringing the boys...

The dinosaur exhibit at The American Museum of Natural History, my must-stop!

amazing to see
Dad surprised us with another limo ride after a trip up to The Empire State Building! We were blaring some Beyonce!! Love mom in this pic! Apparently she's a fan :)
The lights and glory of Times Square

The Pettijohns :)

My favorite picture, I think...the view of Saks from Rockefeller Center

Alex and Rachel, the architects :) Great pic!
Snowflakes coordinated to Christmas music, divine.

Max, Nat, and JR--Thanksgiving dinner at The Helmsley Park Place

Husband outside of Carnegie Hall

Thank you so much mom and dad for the SPECIAL trip, yet again! We had so much fun, and it is always a blessing to get family time like that! Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving!


Ashlee and Carey said...

Great pics! Looks like you all had so much fun!

The Denove's said...

I love the New York Pictures!!!! I am really jealous that you guys were there. It is my favorite time to be in NY. I want to see pics of the house you are building.