Monday, March 23, 2009

i know, i know...

It's time for a BABY BUMP picture!! We have had friends in (The Lindberg's & The Taliaferro's) last week, so I've been delayed in posting...sorrrrrry.

I'm also coming down with a cold or something :( don't love that. grr. Sore throat and expanding belly equals one uncomfortable mommy.

I'll post the picture tonight, promise promise. In the meantime, I'm happy to report that aside from daily shopping for Hudson and being knee-deep in our upcoming move to Pitt next month, I'm also busy planning our BABYMOON. Can you hear the waves??

My family has so so graciously decided to take us on one last getaway pre-Hudson, and we! All day I spend looking up anything and everything tropical, until I find the perfect beach! We did Mexico last year for our honeymoon (little did we know we'd be "babymoon'ing" it one year later, hehe), so I'm narrowing in on some other places. I'll be sure to post about our final pick :) and I may even do an episode of Natalie's Big Giant Awesome Pregnant Beaches, because I'm going to have one enormous belly by May. I ain't scared.

Okay, I wrote more than I had intended to. This was supposed to be a stay-tuned-for-the-belly-pic-tonight post.

So, stay tuned for the belly pic tonight :)


Life at the White House said...

can't wait to see the pic and let me know if you need any help finding a beach!

we went to costa rica in '07 for an entire week and loved it!

Sweet Simplicity said...

A babymoon---how fun!!

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

Yeah you big slacker!! :) Better get it together!!

1 Hot Dish said...

Can't wait to hear ya'll pick for the babymoon! So fun!!