Monday, March 09, 2009

thank you!!

The Pettijohn Family got another blog award!!! thanks to the sweet Adventures in Newlywed! Hudson says thanks :)

The Rules:

**List 7 things that you love and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers you love!

****Be sure to tag them and let them know they have won!****

You can copy the picture of the award and put it on your sideboard letting the whole world are KREATIV!**

Now, for 7 things that I love...

1. Our family - it's the three of us now, and we could not be more grateful.

2. Food - i've always been a lover of all things food, but my pregnant self just cannot get enough of it to fill this growing baby...therefore, food is on my list of loves.

3. Road trips - more specifically with husband, we do a lot of these and my time with him in the car is MY time with him. We talk, eat, talk, eat and talk. and hold hands the whole time ♥

4. The Farm - husband's home in OK. It is my haven, my get-away, where baby and I get spoiled by Nanny and Grandpa, where Okie is, Nanny's cooking, walks in the pasture, and where the green grass grows.

5. Cupcakes - i don't need to explain this one.

6. OU - we just went back this past wknd to buy Hudson his first round of Sooner gear, ate a Ranchhand at O'Connells, walked Campus Corner, and drove around my beloved town. It will always feel like home...

7. Calendars - i have several, fill them all, and then forget to look at them. our days are filled with friends, family, appts, trips, reminders, dinners, brunches, and lunches...who could ask for anything more?!

These blogs are WAY cute and we award them (I did three, too):

One Hot Dish

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Lil' Woman said...

Congrats in the award!! :)

Abby said...

I kept meaning to check in to see what you were having! Congrats - Baby Boys are too fun! Thanks for the award, hopefully I'll get around to posting about it :)

1 Hot Dish said...

Congats on the award!!

Thanks so much for passing it on to me! It's my first award, so exciting!! :)

Hope your week is going well!!

insomniaclolita said...

Real sweet, cupcakes are definitely in my list of addiction too :)