Friday, March 27, 2009

a peek--into my closet :)

These are actually recent additions to my closet, as of yesterday! I really don't like the cold, like reeeeeeeally don't like the cold. Yes, I knowww...I'm moving to Pittsburgh, the coldest city in the world. Hudson and I plan on hibernating all winter long :) Poor baby won't know the outside world until the next summer. Upon deciding our move, I was immediately on the hunt for the longest, warmest coat ever made in all the land:

Found it!! The North Face Triple C in New Taupe Green, please don't laugh at me. I believe there is even a hood, so I fully intend on not feeling one bit of cold air on my Texoman skin. I have to thank mom for this gift!!

Since growing this sweet baby boy of ours, I have felt quite strongly against buying too many maternity items as I do not plan on staying pregnant my whole life, although at times it feel like I will. Outside of my maternity jeans and a tank top or two to cover that ever expanding belly, most everything else I've managed to buy is just flowy or empire waisted! Perfect! Lu set me up very nicely, from her store, The Impeccable Pig! and because I'm thrifty and a major bargain shopper, I found four WAY cute dresses at TJ Maxx for $40!! I'll have to take pics of those, to show!! The Maxx is a very very favorite of mine, if you can find a good location...the good ones even sell Sevens and True Religions! I neva, neva pay full price for my jeans. Yes, ma'am.

Eeek, I got distracted. So to continue: at Forever 21 I found these deliciously cute cotton floor length dresses that are fitted up top, and trumpet out kinda at the bottom. The pictures do them no justice, because there is a tie in the back, that I brought forward and tied above the baby belly, making these the PERFECT preg dresses!!! I'm getting to the point where jeans aren't so comfortable, so I'm drawn to dresses daily.

and this floral cutsie, belted too above the belly (so so pretty and cute):

Courtesy of mom, from Gap! A spring trench! I don't quite have this model's swagger, per se, or waist right now---so again, picture it belted above the belly. Love it! :

Gap also has some fantastic sale items right now too, I'm not sure I've ever bought anything full price at Gap. oh, this one too! Mine though is a taupe color...I just noticed my belted theme :) how strange...


Elizabeth said...

Where is your fav maxx location?
I love all your choices. And frankly, I LOVE the north face. I have lots of northface stuff but not that big coat! My friend has it and we call it her snowman coat! She looks so adorable when she is all bundled up! =)

Sarah@VintageChic said...

Cute, cute, cute stuff! I'm sure you make it even cuter!

Clint and Lauren Brock said...

So cute!! You've got to come try out our TJ Maxx. We have a section called "The Runway" - so cute!!

Love the coat too! :)

Miss. Pretty said...

I'm a South FL. girl so I hate cold. When we go to Colorado I squeal every.single.time. I go outside, ha.
I love those two dresses from Forever 21 (I've never once bought anything from there--I know, shocker)..and that dress with the belt is so adorable!

Seriously can I call you up in about 6-8 years when I'm (hopefully) preggos, to get fashion tips haha!

kristian and katy said...

you will NEED that coat! In winter here, you pretty much just see walking sleeping bags all over the city. You will be so happy :)

Cute clothes!!!

1 Hot Dish said...

Girl, I'm totally with you on the TJ Maxx thing! I love that place - they have really cute home decor stuff too.

I love, love the dresses...I actually just picked up a few things from Forever 21 myself. ;)

Adventures in Newlywed said...

Cute stuff, I'm especially loving the white F21 dress!

Sweet Simplicity said...

CUTE stuff!! Your long coat is cracking me up! But I'm sure if I was moving up north I would feel the same way! :)

Life at the White House said...

great finds!!! i'm sure you are drawn to the belt look because 1.) they are so cute and in style right now and 2.) they help show off hudson!!!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

yay for clothes! You are sure to be warm in that nice little coat! Can't wait to see it on you!