Thursday, March 11, 2010

E for Effort

* Before I start this post, I must first thank you/laugh with you/hug you for the sweet/hilarious/and shocked comments y'all gifted me with on our announcement post. I threw y'all for one heckuva loop, now :) So many of you comforted me with stories of being Irish twins, yourselves and have told of the closeness you share with your siblings. That ladies, gives me great happiness and comfort, and one only this small and wild world of blogging can give. I owe y'all a cupcake tea party in return for the encouragement and joy you've given us in your kind words - if only we could ever all gather ♥ I'd wear my finest hat, just for you {because a pretty hat is key for a successful cupcake tea party}.

- and now to my original post.

As I've mentioned the last 11 weeks I have looked and felt the part of an Oklahoma bag lady, and I now miss my highlighted 'blonde' hair, Botox'd forehead, and makeup'd mug.

Now before, you get to judging my vain-sounding self - give me one minute to tell you what living in sweats and smelling Gerber food all day does to a pregnant soul for 11 weeks. It's vile. I feel sorry even for my husband who gets the pleasure of seeing the rotation of my ever growing wardrobe of jammies, and my ratty hair in a ponytail. I think even Hudson has noticed.

I'm on the horizon of approaching the end of the first trimester. I can see the light and it is so brightly shining on my face. That, and I can feel Spring nearing. Both are neat. If you've been with child non-stop like I have, you know the feeling when your body slowly feels normal again, food isn't your worst enemy and suddenly you open your makeup drawer, and your makeup bag is dusty and lonely because you've neglected her for so long. You finally want her again, want to reconnect.

For the sake, of all.

The Botox will obviously have to wait many, many moons but you better DANG believe I'm gonna highlight my strands here in a quick minute.

I'm not the competitive type, and that may pain some of you to know. I live with the man who might well be the most competitive man-creature to have ever walked this green earth. Thus, quite the opposite of him, my motto has always been, 'E for Effort", because I always feel like if I try I win!!! He feels quite the opposite. Haha, that makes you competitive folk chuckle with sarcastic glee, doesn't it? Never pick me for your team, unless it's for sideline encouragement. I got sidetracked.

My effort is now devoted to showering, makeup'ing, hair do'ing, and attempting a look-good weighing a good 35 pounds plus. Yessssssssss.

To begin my efforts, which I will document, since you care {??} - I purchased this below, because the first step to feeling good is smelling good.

Give me your fragrance picks, what makes you smell pretty? give me suggestions aside from Lolita, please :)


Glamorous Newlywed said...

You're gorgeous with or without makeup/botox/highlights :)

Fave perfumes of the moment? Lilly Pulitzer 'Wink' (because it's not too strong or heavy)


Michael Kors 'Hollywood' (or Pure Hollywood? can't remember:) Just looking at the bottle will make you feel pretty!

Katie said...

Nat- I love reading your blog and found it from Babbling Abby. Your little one is adorable and I am sure your next will be just as beautiful!

I highly recommened Blue by Ralph Lauren or Halle Berry's "Halle". Both make me feel equally beautiful!

Lovin a Farm Boy said...

I missed your first post, so Congratulations!! I'm really into Clinique Happy and DKNY Be Delicious. Be Delicious smells and looks like a green apple. They both make me smile.

Sara Blackburn White said...

Congrats!! I missed your last post too! You are so witty and I am sure your sweet hubby understands and the bambino- he will one day tell u, you look like a princess when all made up ;) So just do what you can for now! Hang in there!
My favs are coco le fluer, & stella by stella mcartney!

Elizabeth said...

I agree with Glamorous Newlywed you pretty lady!
And I also agree Lilly's "wink" is wonderful!
But my new favorite smell is Ferragamo's Incanto Bloom. It's lovely. =)

Marisa and John said...

Flower by Kenzo...yum!

The Fenner's said...

I got Lolita for Christmas, I love it! Escada usually puts out a fruity summer one, perfect for Spring and Summer!!!

Lindsay said...

Congratulations!! You're such a beautiful soul, momma, and lady so I am sure your hubby and that sweet babe of yours love you even more for carrying their next babe/sibling.

I stick to Chanel Chance eau reminds me of my anniversary trip to NYC and always makes me feel glamorous and fun.

Congrats again, you beautiful momma you!

Meant to be a mom said...

Your funny, But I do know what you mean about not getting up every day and pulling yourself together. I start feeling physically ill if I do that to many days in a row. Something about putting on make up, sure does wake me up and brighten my days.

Don't worry though, I'm sure you still looked Gorg.

I love Dolce and Gabanna "Light blue". Smells the best.

PinkLouLou said...

I love love Vera Wang Glam Princess! Not the normal princess, but the glam one. The bottle does look like it was made for a 17 year old prosti-tot (as I like to call them) but it smells fantastic. :)

Lindsay said...

Congrats on your exciting news! Y'all make me want another one :) This is awsome! Hugs!

StylishSuburban said...

I love all of the Marc Jacobs splash scents. Although when I was pregnant I could not wear anything because I was so sick. Also love Michael Kors, reminds me of the beach for some reason.

The Family of Three said...

Well congrats on the new belly baby! I was sick forever it seemed when prego and 3 years later certain things still make me sick. I know the feeling of being in sweats all day! But when I started to feel better I always and still wear Miss Dior Cherie. I get many a compliment on it! Especially from my sweet man!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I have never smelled that. My new fave is Tocca Cleopatra. And D&G Light Blue is perfect for spring and summer.

The Conway's said...

Hahaha...your post made me smile! It's just what I needed tonight! There's nothing sweeter than seeing a baby, enjoy it! If it makes you feel any better, you could schedule your next Botox appointment for after the delivery ;)

The Bailey Family said...

I love Marc Jacobs Daisy. It has become my "go-to" scent!

And I didn't comment on the last post, but CONGRATS on number 2!! :)

Ange said...

I'm trying to get my hands on a bottle of the new SJP perfume - I think it's called New York. I smelled a sample in a magazine and it is so nice!