Monday, March 15, 2010

swing baby, swing.

We spent some time at the park, the day before my baby turned 7 months old. It is so true, when 'they' say how quickly our babies will grow. I am in awe at his ever changing capabilites and the wonder in his eyes as he accomplishes more in his tiny world, at only 7 months of age.

I sometimes though, get sad at just how fast he changes and that before I know it he will be a walking, talking little boy. As I begin to enjoy one stage {build anxiety} as he is now fully mobile, and the fastest crawler I ever did see - he is on to the next thing, and now pulls up and is going from furniture to furniture only preparing me of the walking that is just around the corner.

At church on Sunday, we were reminded to take life more slowly and to avoid the rush that comes with our fast-paced world. Being a mother, his, has taught me that very same thing. If we were to focus on our to-do lists, errands, laundry, etc...we miss the simple joys of playing at the park with our babies instead of nap time, reading to them, or just holding them a few more minutes.

I remember the day Hudson was born, and when JR handed him to me, I thought this was the most I could ever love. How wrong I was that day, because today 7 months later my love for our son has grown into something I find very hard to describe, much less put in to words.

Life before loving and knowing him, seems vague now, and one I don't go back to much because I've waited my whole life to be his Mommy...

...we've joined Gymboree classes and have music and art to look forward to this week. He's making baby 'friends', and we're finally getting out of the house since Spring is on the horizon.

Hudson Bear, how much I love my days with you. You make me a happy I never knew existed. you are my sunshine


The Taliaferro's said...

wow he is growing up so fast. he has changed so much just from the last time we saw him. love the pics too.

Erica said...

How sweet! Being a mommy and experiencing that kind of love is amazing and out of this world. It's hard to believe before child that you would ever be capable to love somebody so much.

Beautiful pics as always!

mama faith said...

You really put into words what I've been feeling about being a mommy lately. Slow down. Enjoy. Take in the daily blessings of having a precious little boy to love. And I wonder how it will possible feel for me (and now you too!) when another sweet joins our family in the near future!

Lisa said...

sweet pictures as always Natalie!
He is so precious and his facial expressions are the best.

Reynie said...

They do grow so fast and it is just amazing at the speed of which they grow up! Love the pixs! Looks like he's enjoying the swing!

Life at the White House said...

Love this post. Love "Mighty to Save"....the song playing on your page as I read it. Love how much fun it's going to be as a Momma someday!

Happy 7 months to your little guy!!! What precious times.

And what you said about the need to slow down and not focus on our "to do" lists made me think of this quote (I had to go find it on my blog, but knew you'd like it!):