Wednesday, March 31, 2010

fried steaks & egg hunts

I don't quite know that anything makes me happier than warm weather, this face below, pizza, and cereal. The latter two, being a fault to cravings.

I 'mind-write' blogs while I shower. I'm most creative in there, and that is so weird to me. Atleast, it's not while sitting on the pot. That would be inappropriate. It's probably the boiling hot water I bathe in - must mess with my mind. It's too bad I can't 'save now' as I condition my hair.

I've just now wrapped my mind and thighs around the fact, that I again will be bearing a child. We've run a few names by each other, but I have one that keeps pulling me in - not one for keeping surprises, the thought that JR wants to keep atleast the name a secret is a monumental task for me. I can't even give you a hint, because I love it so much. The name.

Double strollers are out of the question for now. I'm not ready to be that mom. High praises for you, if you are - but I'd rather carry Baby in a basket and stroll Hudson before you see me attempting to load a 400 lb double stroller in the back of my Yukon. I'm short, it's tall - I look ridiculous trying to lift anything into that car. You're already staring me down, wondering if I've heard of 'the pill'...watching me lift a stroller would send you into a tizzy.

Tonight in celebration of the start of Easter weekend, we're having the Taliaferro's over and I will attempt for the very first time, a meal that really gets my heart happy and full of grease - Country Fried Steak and gravy. I get nervous just thinking about the flouring and frying. I have a terrible habit of making meals I've never made before the nights we have friends over.

We have been successfully sleeping thru the night at our house for over a week now. I've been fearful to even type that sentence out, knowing that could quickly change back. It hasn't though, and after a two-night-cry-it-out we are all night sleepers. I even type faster, I'm so well rested. He was never really that bad because we stopped feeding him in his 1 or 2 night wakings a few weeks back, so that then led to him just waking up out of habit. We have broken that now too, and does it feel good. There was a sense of urgency, with thoughts of TWO babies up during the night, I made an executive decision and told JR it was time.

This wknd too, is JR's 10 year high school reunion and I'm dang excited because I've always wished to be an honorary member of their town. It's one of my favorite places on this green earth. I've done some shopping this week, in hopes of finding a few outfits for this wknd to shield my 14 week doughboy 'belly'. We wish you all a happy Jesus filled-egg hunt-food-family-cute dress Easter weekend!


Katie said...

Hudson is so dang adorable. Do you know if you are havnig a girl or a that a secret too??!

Erica said...

I am just in love with Hudson. He is so beautiful! I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!

Courtney said...

My favorite thing is finding out baby names and how people came to decide on them. Is it for a boy or a girl? Happy Easter!!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

That first picture is amazing! I love the b&w.

Emily said...

Love love love those pics of your baby boy! And, congrats on the second one on the way! Happy Easter!

The Trouts said...

Get a double bob when this new bambino gets a little older - you'll love it for strolling around the neighborhood :)