Friday, October 29, 2010

a quick look back

In the midst of diapers, tantrums, sippy cups, and leaky teets I love to go and look back at times when it was just the two of us. That's where it all started, right?

I'm going to have to go dig up some oldies :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You know - 1

I'm starting a new 'column' of my blog. Column sounds rather presumptuous, but I can think of no better word.

I started tanning the other day, and am now an official spray tanner. You radiate an odor of stank all day long- but gosh dang, I'm not transparent anymore. I could see my veins. Gross. I'm also a brunette now, so to avoid the vampire look, spraying myself was a must.

My 'column' will be named, You Know You Don't Get Out Much, When...

My first tanning experience at the salon went all wrong, their computers crashed upon my arrival. The ladies working went into a spiraled tizzy over this, as more and more college girls and myself tallied up in line for the next bed/spray. I turned old and uncool right before my very own eyes, as the girl in front of me was sporting her sorority T, while working on a Rubix cube, while on her cell phone texting with the other hand. I'm unsure as to why that is cool, but the fact that I was desperate in line knowing I had a small window of time before I started milking everywhere because I'm 27 years old, a mother of two, and I nurse. Therefore, causing me to milk, made me very uncool. If a dang plane goes by, I milk. My body obviously has not yet gotten that baby cry thing down. ohmystars.

Though the wait for my precious spray was long, I realized how little I get out these days because I had FUN waiting and talking to these girls. In what normally would have made my impatient self into a piss-pot, turned into a 'girls night out' for me. How lame. A girls night out with complete strangers, a good amount of years younger than me--as I schooled them on being a mama. Something they clearly could care less about in their days of date parties and Pita Pit.

I was even tempted to discuss my newest love of espresso, rather my need for it. I doubted they were espresso drinkers just yet.

That being said, You Know You Don't Get Out Much...when a trip to the tanning salon turns into your 'girls night out' with complete strangers, college girls, and a Rubix cube.

One day they will be at home with their naked babies, covered in paint, driving their Spiderman cars around so for now I sit blogging thankful for the journey I've been on, having recently been in their shoes after late nights at O'Connells and such...knowing what they have to look forward to. Every chapter of life, really is beautiful.

Mama's, now it's your turn. Do you have moments where you realize you don't get out much? Email me and I'll post your submissions. Let's unite. Me and you.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

model monroe

Belle Monroe is now in her fifth week of life, so three weeks later I'm finally posting her two week shots. My model had to be soothed to sleep to snap the few we managed to get of our doll--and what the pictures don't show are the baby yells I got in the face in between pictures.

Life with her is much, much different. She is as girl as they come. My babies are very different from one another. She, more laid back no where near as alert as her counterpart. She can sleep throught the thundering chaos that is her Bear, and is glad to be attached to her mama at ALL times.

She is petite and lean, with the skinniest of feet. Her brother on the other hand, has to get special shoes for his extra wide grubs. Everyone told me how opposite boys and girls are to parent, and only five weeks in...I can agree.

Many have asked us the inevitable question of when we will be adding to our family. The chances of me getting pregnant in the next ten years is as promising as...well, just think of the most unlikely occurance. That's me. Not pregnant. If you do happen to see me pregnant again, you can just slap my face. I'll let you.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

one month of four

I'm behind. It's likely you're not in the very least, surprised.

JR turned 30, Belle Monroe turned 1 month old, I smell of maple syrup and spray tan {can you guess why--ohmystars}, and Hudson is the sweetest, naughtiest, most precious 14 month old Bear that ever was.

Oh, and a dog that's eating every new plant in our yard.

Our dryer almost caught on fire but we're fully stocked with a new set now. Goodbye, clothes lines. Yes really, we had clothes lines. You can't have two babies, and no dryer.

There will always be broken dryers, stinky dogs, and dirty diapers--but I would have never believed you if you would have told me years ago that I'd be this kind of happy at 27 years old.
...more to come.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

int'l delight

I just had a rather invigorating breakfast--banana dipped in Nutella with an espresso, spruced up with some Caramel Macchiato creamer by International Delight. It is that, a delight.

That tiny espresso is what will later get me out of my robe, hopefully by noon. Although, the transition from one to two babies has in all honesty not been as difficult as I had thought--the midnight feed I give my Belle Monroe, is still at war with my post-pregnancy self and my mornings last well until noon.

I'm happy to report that Bear has taken quite well and fallen as in love with his sister, as a now 14 month old can.

The first few days he 'noticed' her, but I think two weeks later, he has managed to gather that she is in fact human and he loves to come pat her on the head--which yesterday progressed into a slap on the forehead. That made her cry, and inevitably him. I had two babies crying at the same time, and all I could do was laugh.

As I progressively get less tired, I'm able to nap Belle Monroe and spend some one on one time with my Bear. We even got some Momma/Bear time at the duck pond last week. He loves his grandparents and of course his Daddy, but there are moments in the day when only Momma will cut it, and I'll take that. I will always take that.

With the weather cooling off, I can only wake up thankful everyday that I have two beautiful, healthy babies whom I adore and will get to share in these upcoming holiday filled months. Yummy candles, pumpkin pie, and our fire going all the day long----this is what dreams are made of. Mine, atleast.