Tuesday, January 25, 2011

want to come over?

My most precious Bear is very very sick with an ear infection and sat with a 102.9 degree fever in my arms all day yesterday :( break my heart. eesh. to shreds. I can say now that it is fact that seeing your children sick or suffer is the worst thing ever.

JR is home too, today with a stomach bug--so I'm playing nurse to both of my boys today. I sent JR upstairs in hopes that the wicked bug stays clear of me and my babies. I've been whipping up some rice the way my mama makes it for me when I'm sick, and loaded up a tray with some crackers and a big glass of 7up in hopes that I can nurse JR back to health, soon...

Doesn't my house sound SO fun and SO germy. Ick.

----on a happy note, I could dedicate an entire post to my love of Bruno Mars' voice. It makes me happy, and this song I leave you with I cannot stop playing over and over and over and over. Since you can't come over and play today, I'll share the song with you.


Lindsay said...

LOVE Bruno, DREAMY voice!

I SO know what you are going through with sweet Hudson! I held a sick baby last week and it broke my heart! All you can do is hold them! Because sometimes "their" mommy is the only thing that will make it better! HUGS

Elizabeth said...

Great Song! Love Bruno!

Sorry your boys are sick!
I hope they feel better soon and you stay clear of the germs!!


The Neaves' said...

Love it!:) have you heard "marry you"??

Love you!! Hope you boys feel better asap!!

Meant to be a mom said...

Such a great song.

Sorry to hear that your boys are so sick. It seems like things are just everywhere these past few months. Its horrible. I hope everyone gets better quickly and stays healthy at your house from now on :)

The Drama Mama said...

Bless your sweet heart! It seems that so many are sick these days (that stomach bug is everyWHERE!). Praying everyone is well very soon and nobody else gets sick! Love & HUGS!!

Life at the White House said...

Awwwww -- hope those boys (especially your bear) start feeling better soon!

And thanks for sharing the song -- listened to it today at work and am most certainly going to download it. :) I might even call in to work next week and just veg out at home and play it ALLLLL day long. Sounds pretty awesome to me?

April said...

I am so sorry to hear you have a sick little family. That is no good.! I hope everyone gets better real soon.

I recently discovered Bruno and I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM TOO!! Great song I am off to buy it now. :)