Wednesday, January 26, 2011

long distance love

They haven't met yet, but between families we've arranged a baby love for these two...

meet Porter Knight Braly {how many kinds of cute/precious/omgaw is he??}

He's the newest babe in a family so so so very dear to us, these folk. 'These folk' happen to be the kind of friends that are family, you have some like that. We don't share them, though. Mine. Porter was born only two weeks after our Belle Monroe, and they share a baby love they are just not quite aware of yet.

You see, shortly after Belle made her grand debut we received a package in the mail from Pittsburgh. Inside, was a sweet little dress for our baby doll and we told her it was from Porter. So, this is her personal thank you to her baby boyfriend. Don't think we haven't been way presumptuous and envisioned these babies to be roaming Soonerland one day with their older brothers...Belle Braly? How CUTE is that? omgaw. They're sweet, smart, handsome, and DANG cute. She can date a Braly.

She was so excited to send her message to Porter, that she forgot her BOW! We quickly corrected that situation and she was ready for her shot.

Dearest Braly's, if relaying messages via our babies/phone calls/texts is how we stay connected we'll take it. Counting down the days. We love you! all FOUR of you!!


Kyndal said...

Oh my word. Our hearts go pitter-patter. Something tells me BOTH of the Braly boys may be lining up to court Miss Belle someday...when JR says she's old enough, of course! She can have her choice between an older or slightly younger man. :) Many hugs and kisses to all from "Pissburgh". XOXO

Anonymous said...

Now that was cute, getting gift from he boyfriend. That dress was great one he choose well*wink*. She is so adorable.

Ashlee and Carey said...

What a great picture of Belle and that contagious smile!!!