Monday, July 23, 2007

Like Father, Like Son

I like to nag. I don't nag very often b/c I'm the lazier one of the two so I really don't have much to nag about b/c JR gets to it before I do :) Lately though, I've been nagging about getting an armoire for the TV in the living room. So Saturday afternoon we headed up to good ol' OKC to the Rustic/Western store Kourtney and Joe got their furniture from!

I ofcourse wanted the biggest armoire they had for our "petite" apt. JR was keen on the "smaller" one which looked tiny in that huge store. I have come to self-diagnose myself with "size perception disorder" b/c when we got it back to the Farm it looked HUGE. Enormous, actually! Ha, oops :) Now JR asks me if I still want that huge one. Ugh, whatever :) I have the same problem with tupperware. It's so ridiculous. When saving leftovers I will put a bitty amount of pasta in the biggest container we have and then I get this you-have-no-size-perception look from JR and he directs me to the appropriately sized container. Rambling...

After we picked up our furniture we drove thru Norman to see Blake at his station! So cool! We got the grand tour! It was like out of a movie! We are so proud of Blake! We originally planned on seeing Blake AND Jenn on Friday night but weren't able to make it up until Saturday, but exciting news for them-----they are house hunting and could be making an offer this week! Yay!

We finally got the the Farm late Saturday night and stayed up talking to Nancy and Ronnie for a bit...Sunday morning JR went fishing with Ronnie and I stayed back and slept until 11, ahhhh. I awoke to the sweet, succulent aroma of homemade biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs, bacon and fresh fruit. Delicious morning! A blissful nap followed (yes, I slept again). We always take Okie out for a 4-wheeler run when we're there and it just might be the highlight of his life...he LOVES going out on the 4-wheeler. We had barely gotten to the creek with him and JR went over a hump or something and got stuck. He has never never not been able to get that thing un-stuck so I trekked back up to the house with Okie while JR rocked that dang thing until I thought I was going to tip over onto him ( I was already envisioning the 911 call I was going to have to make)...Nancy and Ronnie came down with the Jeep and pulled it up. Okay, round 2, only this time I didn't go b/c it had gotten too muddy for my liking. I had just showered :) So, the rest of us went back up to the house to do some stuff outside. 15 minutes later-------->

JR comes strolling up walking with Okie, minus the 4-wheeler. Ummm. GOT IT STUCK AGAIN! We all pile in the Jeep, with Ronnie a little "tiffed" with the second time around we have to come to the rescue and pull him out again. It gets funnier!! We're heading back to the house, JR and Okie up front on the 4-wheeler and they buzz thru the creek. We're behind in the Jeep and like father, like son.....we're trudging along and BOOM, we sunk both back tires completely under. JR keeps going totally unaware we are now a part of the creek. Ronnie just gets out, pulls the chains and walks up to the house to get another form of transportation to pull US out now!! We were honking at him and giving him a big ol' thumbs up!! So funny!! He gets the tractor and 1,236 pulls later, the Jeep is free at last! AMEN! I think I may have heard some obscenities out of Ronnie but we'll keep that a secret. JR comes buzzing back down laughing so hard that his dad had gotten stuck now!! Like father, like son!

My fiance is hot, and my dog is cute! I'm a lucky girl!! See?!?!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

So funny!! HAHA I have that disorder too!!

Psalms 36 said...

Where's a pic of the armoire???? That's a great laugh and I could just envision it all!!!