Friday, July 27, 2007

our BeAuTiFuL home!

We are always changing or adding something to our house!! Always! We are constantly looking for new things to add or move around, we enjoy doing that! We are house people. We may not always agree on what needs to go where but we try and compromise, try. Our latest venture was our curtains. Oh, the curtains.

We have had them for several months, only they didn't go up b/c we wanted to wait for the kitties to be de-clawed so that they wouldn't ruin our pretty little curtains. I went out and bought the curtain rods which I knew would be a rather large expense, given the size of our massive windows. Very proud of myself, I chose the perfect color rods and carried them around the store by myself (keep in mind, in the box they were each as tall as me) I looked ridiculous. Proud, nonetheless. I get them home, still full of pride for my great purchase. My pro-active-ness I was sure would please my fiance. I get them home, wrong size!!!! So, we had to make one huge rod until we get the right saw to cut one of the pieces up to make the two. Oops!! that didn't help my case much...

Insert: nagging. Like I've said before I rarely nag. That's JR's area of expertise. I simply absorb and let it slowly escape thru the other ear :) kidding. ish.

So, I nag. Thursday. I nag Friday. OK for the wknd. Still nagging in OK about it. Sunday night, I nag. Monday night. It happened. He finally got so irritated, he put them up in vain. This is the look I got the entire time:

He was none too pleased about hanging up our precious curtains :) By the time he had encountered the stud in the middle wall and lost his patience the curtains were hung! Yay! Just to throw it out there, obviously not aware of my timing (bad Nat) I mentioned that I had also bought holdbacks for the curtains to create that you know, dramatic holdback feel. whatever, you know what I'm trying to say.

I won't submit you all to the horror I endured in making the suggestion to now hang those...on to yesterday. If you don't nag at JR to do something, he'll do it. I've always known that, but I slipped. Yesterday, he felt very loving and offered to hang up the holdbacks and here is the finished product! We love them! It added so much to our house!! Also, are a couple of pics of the new couches and the new armoire that we have decided to keep after much debate. It made the Pettijohn household cut.

Sammy helping his daddy! He's a man's kitty.

The flash lets you see the real color of the curtains.

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Psalms 36 said...

Love all the new house hold items! Don't you love that look from J.R.? That is such a classic look! Love you!