Tuesday, July 31, 2007

nat turns 24!!!! Feliz Cumpleanos a mi!

Thank you to everyone for my sweet birthday messages!! You all have made my day so special with your phone calls and messages!! To be really honest, with all the wedding stuff going on I had kind of forgotten about my day!! I know, so unlike me. Both my dad and Ashley had asked me if I was okay, because I hadn't done my usual birthday "month" countdown! I spared you all this year :)

Lauren was the first to call at 7:00 am...I looked at the clock and thought maybe something was wrong because she was calling so early in the day! hahaha! I answered and I got a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" That woke me up! Lauren for the last ten years has probably been the very first friend to always call on my birthday, she hasn't missed a year! Ashlee was soon to follow :) It's already been a great day!! Besides the fact that I'm at work, slaving, as I progressively get older and older every minute,on this very special day, my day :) hahahahhahaha.

For lunch, I'm going with mom and dad to show dad my potential dress...I'm down to 2 dresses. If you really know me, you are fully aware of my inability to make concrete decisions. In a timely manner atleast...so I have submitted my dresses to some careful eyes (friends) and I think I know which is going to be THE ONE!!!!!! I will keep you all discreetly posted!

Thanks again for all of my HAPPY BIRTHDAY msgs and calls!! I'm 24! woo-hoo!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

Happy Birthday We love you!!!!!!!!

Psalms 36 said...

I am so anxious to see the dress! Is it online? I wanna see!!! Welcome to your mid 20's!!! Love ya!