Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Location, Location, Location

I'm sorry for my delay in posts....the wedding whirl has taken over! It's been rather comical to say the least :) I don't know much about planning weddings but I do know that location is the very first thing to do! Soooo, after a crazy two weeks we may have narrowed it down to "the one". Mayyyybe. We still have some kinks to straighten out but it's looking pretty good. No, I can't tell you where yet! I want it to be a surprise! We shall see!

Some of the coordinator's we've talked to have gotten a good laugh out of me because I haven't even been engaged one month and I'm ready to get everything booked. My high anxiety does not allow for much doddling in such circumstances.

Dress shopping starts next!!! YAY! My favorite part!

Hope you all are having a great week! We may be up in OK this weekend to look for some furniture for the TV, since we gave away a bunch of stuff last weekend to my cousin Fernando. Our TV is on the floor, ha!

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Psalms 36 said...

If it is the place Aunt talked to mom about, it's beautiful from the outside. I have never been in it of course but anywhere will be awesome with such a beautiful bride ande handsome groom! Love ya!