Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Our trip to Red River turned out a little more special than I had anticipated! I'm sure most of you have heard by now but JR proposed to me on last Thursday July 5th at the top of a mountain!!! The story goes:

We had initially planned on going up the ski lift for a ride up to the top of the mountain. It is a beautiful ride up, as you can see the town of Red nestled below at the bottom of the mountains, such a beautiful view. For some reason, I had been excited about the lift all week long. On Wednesday after the 4th of July games JR and I decided to go try and ride the lift before the storms rolled in. JR had had the ring in his pocket all day long by this point...as soon as we walked up to get on, they closed the lift because of lightening. JR was upset that we couldn't ride that day, and I couldn't really figure out why he was so bummed. He usually doesn't get like that :) Soooo, the next day we rented a Jeep with Kourtney and Joe. That morning we had some breakfast and made our way up to Goose Lake and had an awesome time, but JR wanted to make sure we got to ride the lift that day. So, around noon Kourtney and Joe dropped us off and we headed back to the cabin, and I remember JR telling me we were going home so we could "freshen up" before the lift, haha. I went back to the cabin and re-did a little make-up,etc...still had no clue.

On the way up the lift, they have a guy below that takes your picture so we got ours taken and continued talking the rest of the way up. The whole trip had already been so romantic that I was feeling very lovey and I told him that I couldn't wait to be his wife one day, to which he responded with, "someday"....we got to the top of the mountain and walked around a little checking out all the views. We finally hiked up to the very top, to the prettiest spot.

There were huge dandelions up there and so I told him we should make a wish. We took a picture and made our wishes. **This is no lie** I wished to be engaged to him soon...he asked me what my wish was and I told him I couldn't say, or it wouldn't come true!!! After that I was rock hunting, and posing the camera on some rocks so we could get a few self-portraits! He'd told me all week that he'd bought me something in Red River and I was totally suprised b/c I'd been with him the whole time!! I thought maybe he'd bought me another sweatshirt or something :) So, in the middle of my rock digging, he tells me to close my eyes, b/c he wants to give me my surprise!!!! I heard some rocks tumbling so then I asked him if he'd bought me a rock or something, hahaha! He said, "well! turn around!"

I turned around and he was down on one knee (I then fell to two knees) and he said, "Will you be my wife?"......I COULD NOT BREATHE!!!! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!! It was the most perfect moment of my life. On the top of the mountain, with JR, up there all by ourselves!! It was surreal and so so beautiful! So we are now on the road to becoming husband and wife!! We will be Mr. and Mrs. JR Pettijohn!!

Thank you baby for the most wonderful day of my life!! I love you so much. I can't wait to be your wife :)


Psalms 36 said...

I am sooooo flippin excited! Welcome to the family! We might all be a tad crazy but we are all a close knit family and I can't imagine anyone more suited for JR than you! He is one lucky man and you are one lucky woman! We love you guys!

Ash and Carey

Kristian & Katy said...

Natalie! I am so happy for you!!Your pictures are precious. Congrats my friend.


Ricardo and Lauren said...

Love it!! Can't wait!