Wednesday, September 12, 2007

13, 346

That number you see above is my number on the waiting list for OU FOOTBALL SEASON TICKETS! I'm not kidding. The wait time on this list is at 6 years right now, so basically by the time I'm 30 I should be in the clear for some highly treasured OU season tickets. I am that hardcore. I am that in love with OU football. I am that in love with OU, period.

I will wait my 6 years. Patiently, for I know what is to come. Glorified views of the success-driven athletes of 6 years from now. I can see it now. I can suddenly see into the future. My future season tickets have provided me the inspiration.

Now, you give anyone some money and they are suddenly your friend. As is the story at the OU Sooner Club. If you donate some $$$ to them, they hold donor seats, of which you can get onto a "shorter" waiting list and obtain your magical seats at an earlier date than the promised 6 yrs on the public list.

JR is not allowing me to donate any more $$$ to the University of Oklahoma, as he points out...that my dad and mom have already donated more than enough to the school :) we'll leave that at that...

I told him I may secretly open an OU bank account where I can make my donations out of if I can't stand to wait 6 long and arduous years for my beloved SOONER FOOTBALL!

Boomer Sooner!!!


Anonymous said...

You are so funny! That would be awesome to have season tickets for sure! Boomer!

Ashlee said...

I may have some devastating news so please sit down before you read the rest. Let me just tell you...when I graduated in December 2000 I was 9,300 something on the waiting list and it is now September 2007 and I STILL don't have season tickets! Please don't hold your breath cuz I love ya and don't want you to die!!!!