Wednesday, September 26, 2007

killer bee

I have quite the healthy appetite as is widely known. Sticking to my schedule of a late-night snack, I indulged myself with a nice bowl of Capt'n Crunch. I was very excited preparing my bowl, cereal, little bit of milk when I hear this buzzing. I swat whatever was buzzing about my head so that I can peacefully enjoy my snack when I notice that it was a rather loud buzz to be a fly. I remember thinking to myself that maybe TX had really big buzzing flies that I'd forgotten about since my move to OK...that was my rationalization. Until! That "fly" tried to attack me!!!! I was under attack by a HUMONGOUS BEE!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh! What in the world! So I run to our room and get JR, who really didn't feel like saving the day and did not believe me to be honest. I ran in and said, "a bee! a bee! come kill the bee!" He realllly thought I was crazy!

We go in there and the bee is by the sink probably mapping out his next quest to attack me! JR saved the day and killed him, and I could once again enjoy my cereal, but ughh I was very disgruntled to find a killer bee in my kitchen.

The kitties go outside everyday and we sometimes leave the door open to let in some fresh air, and it seems as though the bee thought he'd found himself a home. WRONG. No more open door. I no longer need fresh air.

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Ricardo and Lauren said...

AHH HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!! I can just see you know!! Better you than me:-) See you tomorrow!!!