Tuesday, September 25, 2007

so fresh, so clean

I'm usually not one to over-react, much less react to this type of thing but I did find this article to be rather interesting in regards to air fresheners. I know we've all used, do use, will use some at some point...let me know your thoughts and reactions to said article:


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Ashlee said...

There was also a study done once when a rat ate 1000 hotdogs and got cancer....I mean really...do these studies do us any good? I am still going to eat hot dogs but I am not going to eat 1000 in one sitting. If I am to have cancer or get sick or get some disease, then that is going to happen to me anyway cuz it is already in God's plan!

Thanks for NOT commenting my last posts by the way! You are in so much trouble! I am so sad!