Friday, January 09, 2009

yeah yeah

Is he a great guy? Sure.

Our guy is pretty awesome too, and all I heard those brown-nosing commentators talk about the WHOLE game was TEBOW, TEBOW, TEBOW.

The game was OU vs. Florida, it was not the Tebow Bowl. It was the Orange Bowl. Yes, we made mistakes, I ofcourse must own up to that, and will. Shame though, on the media for over-hyping a quarterback who runs the whole game. What a defense we were up against, monsters, they are.

(oh, and longhorns---you laugh, but you would have been ripped to longhorn smitherines by the 2nd quarter and would have turned into a Meers please, withhold your hateful commentary)

Atleast our QB can complete a pass.

I don't consider myself a sore loser.

Boomer Sooner. What a loss :(


Elizabeth said...

That's awesome!! I will say I was really tired of hearing ALL about Tim Tebow and his mission work, etc. I mean, hey, that's great and all, but this is the ORANGE bowl not the TEBOW show. I completely agree!! Hey, UT and Texas Tech can just knock it off. They didn't make it to the big show, OU DID. =) Have a great weekend!!
PS - Remember the 2009 season starts in August!! Let the countdown begin! haha.

Mandie said...

I completely agree.....I mean I kept waiting for them to say that Tebow was probably as perfect as Jesus....RIDICULOUS!!!! They could at least pretend that they are not biased.

Erin said...

Nat, I was talking today with some friends. Texas would have never lasted against Florida. I think the voters got the National Championship teams right! I was really cheering for your boys. Now, time to wait for next season. =(