Thursday, February 05, 2009

and for the prince

Really this could go either way, but I have a love for all things white---although that may change with Baby but I can atleast try and start Baby out loving white just like mommy does :) and to not spit-up on white clothes, or color on white clothes, or get food on white clothes. Oops! Sorry! Mommy was dreaming!!

This is Pottery Barn's Organic Newborn Cardigan and Leggings, so sweet. Yeah yeah, I know. All white + Baby=bad idea, but I can't help myself.

Want to see my dream nursery? It's dream because it fits my all-white theme. Unless I am blessed with a perfectly clean child this nursery ain't gonna happen. I'm not the tidiest of people, so Baby doesn't stand a chance if it takes after me. A mommy can only dream, right?

I love how simple and clean it looks. Just a dream.


Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

There is no way in the world I could have had that with Luke... My little messiness!

Sara Hammond said... is dreamy!!! Love it.
Also the little chubby baby legs wearing the ballet flats on the Sue London site melted my heart. So SWEET!!

Em said...

Oh I love it! It's gorgeous! You are probably right on the "all white not working with baby" thing. :o)

Thanks for the comments on my new header and hub's job potentials. To answer your question... one of these will include OK in this territory... and one will completely solidify the decision to go back to OK because his territory will be ALL of OK! I'm pretty pumped and we are routing for the ALL OK one! :o)

Ricardo and Lauren said...

nice dream, nat! I don't think you what to put the effort in to keeping it clean! it is pretty though!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I love babies in plain white onesies with no pants or shorts on. Its just so adorable and classic. I want that chandelier in that room. Its gorgeous!!

Elizabeth said...

I just saw your comment about SEVENS! I have always thought the preggers jeans are so cute! I was at Target Saturday and I saw the cutest little top. It was a extra small and I was going to buy it but then I realized it was maternity! haha. So I thought of you! =)