Monday, April 27, 2009

my reward

Remember this post? I desperately wanted to be a PA mommy toting around my diaper mess in this pretty:


Sad story; when I went to buy it, they were SOLD OUT. I had little tears and went in search of the beloved bag. Hudson really wanted it for mommy :) I went so far as to call Burberry and ask them for a special order...they too said, "sorry! completely SOLD OUT"...and they weren't sure when Neiman's would get them, if ever.

I brought the laptop with me to the hospital to help pass my 3-hours here, and in between 4 blood draws I thought I'd play around on Neiman's to see if by chance they had anything else similar.

THEY HAD IT! I quickly called mom, we bought it {she bought it} and it was ordered!!!!! My sweet reward for a long morning at the hospital. As mom goes back to look at it online, it is gone.


I panic, start to sweat and mom tells me to call them to make sure my order went through. Sure enough, the nice Neiman's man tells me I got the last one.

For real.

I could pee myself I'm so excited. Burberry take that. I got it. Alas.

Please, pretty please I ask for a prayer today as I finish up my last hour of the test and anxiously await my results...I have cookies waiting for me at home if I pass.


Ricardo and Lauren said...


Lil' Woman said...

I hope everything goes well..
lol about the cookies!

Melissa said... crack me up! I'm glad you got the diaper bag you deserve it!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

How lucky are you!!! I love it! I hope the tests go well.

Elizabeth said...

Yay!! A great prize for spending the day doing that test! Hope you are feeling well! =)

Abby said...

Love the bag, and I hope you got to eat your cookies!!!

Jeff and Heather Dawn said...

You are too cute!! I love your excitement!!! That's how I am about my wedding only being 18 days away!! WooHoo!!! hehe! I've been counting down from 32 days!

2 Little Irish Boys said...

That is awesome!I looked at that diaper bag, too. Once I found out I was having a boy I got the Coach diaper bag in baby blue. I have never seen anyone else with one and have gotten so many compiments on it. You gotta love a diaper bag you adore!!!

1 Hot Dish said...

Yay!! Love the bag!! You totally deserve it & I'm so glad you finally found it!! You are going to be the most adorable mommy in PA!!