Monday, April 27, 2009


Our first week in PA has been a roller coaster of emotions {hormones}, GPS, and miles of driving around our new state. The week started out iffy, as I adjusted to life without Texas/OK...I missed our family, our stuff, etc...

By Tuesday I was in the car with the GPS and for the next few days I drove all around the city, exploring. The only way to get acclimated is to get out. I did just that, and once ended up on a BUS ONLY route. Who has a BUS ONLY route?? Think, highway just for buses. I was high-tailing it out of there as my GPS yelled all kinds of "recalculating" messages at me. I was cursing all sorts of Texas stuff at the buses and at my Garmin. Very high stress moment, as buses were honking at me to get the heck out of their road. Neat. I then changed "her" voice to the British version, so that now when she yells at me it sounds more polite.

I was eager for the weekend to come so that JR and I both could get out and explore some ourselves. Saturday we spent driving the north part of the city and found some really beautiful neighborhoods full of trees and winding roads. That night, JR's friend Justin, invited us to his cabin about an hour or so south of the city.
The drive out there was full of old farms, tree-covered hills, and beautiful ponds throughout. So refreshing. By the time we made it to the cabin, there was no sound. Nothing. No planes, trains, and automobiles.

My husband quickly though, found something to play with. As always. A bike for a 3 yr old...
We {they} made a bonfire, sat under the Pennsylvania sky, and smore'd it. I won't tell you that I had one or two. I type that, as I sit here at the hospital during my 3-hour glucose test. Ugh.
I leave you lastly with a pic of baby at the bonfire. He enjoyed it, and kicked the whole way home that night, sweet tiny.
{disclaimer: I am not on fire, our new camera does some pretty neat work}


Adventures in Newlywed said...

Awww, that looks like such fun. And you do look like you're on fire, but in a good way :)

The Denove's said...

Wow....I want to move to PA if you get to have bonfires and neat cabins like that. Have fun exploring...I find it the best part of moving.

Lil' Woman said...

Aww I miss PA! :(

"I then changed "her" voice to the British version, so that now when she yells at me it sounds more polite."
-that right there missy is the funniest thing I read all week

Sweet Simplicity said...

I am cracking up about you changing the voice of the garmin. I didn't even know you could do that. How funny!