Friday, May 22, 2009

because I know you're curious

What does a 7 month preg look like at the beach?? {and you thought I was shy...the unveiling.}


The Aruban babymoon was a success. Success to me, has something to do with palm trees, family, the beach, and a virgin strawberry margarita. Well, that's how I measured success last week, atleast.


My husband, never one to pass up a competition of any sort, won himself a massage at the spa. He wins everything, really. It's absurd. These drunkies had been trying for over an hour to win this game, and JR walked up and beat them all. I was a proud pregnant wife playing photographer in the midst of drunk overly-tanned men, lavished in gold chains and mixed drinks.


We spent our afternoons sunning the belly, with our toes in the sand, and a good book. Left Behind dominated my week, albeit, a decade after you've likely read it.


Daddy read this, and a very informative read it is. GREAT recommendation for any daddy-to-be. I thought he was a good-looking friend, a hot boyfriend, an even hotter husband, but being the daddy to my sweet tiny surpasses all. Eesh. I love him.


The view from our room alone was worth the trip, waking up to a blue ocean and some boats is a kind of relaxing that you can get nowhere else but the beach.


That is until, you hear the music that goes to this...


No need for description. This is what we so desperately came in search of.


The future grandparents we must thank for such an amazing trip.


We made our way around the island one day, stopping at The Natural Bridge. A bridge on the edge of the island, completely natural with breathtaking views and crashing waves.


Hudson too, got a view.


We were able to get away, at just the right time. In the midst of moves, babies, phone calls, A break. A much much needed break. You don't have to go Aruba to get this, go to your favorite place in the world or stay in for a few days with your husband/family/whomever and just be. A babymoon I recommend to all mommy and daddies to-be.


It's down to 11 weeks until the arrival of our sweet tiny. We plan on soaking up our last couple of months of JR & Nat, because before we know it...our family will be JR, Nat, & Hudson


Abby said...

Nat, you are just precious - and the prettiest preggo ever!

I love that JR is reading "She's having a baby" - classic!

Glad you all are back safe!

Lil' Woman said...

You are the cutest pregnant woman ever...Love the pics! :)

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful pics! I LOVE your bikini! Too cute! Every woman is jealous of how pretty you are while preggo! Glad you got to relax! Welcome back to the real world! =)

Lea Liz said...

You look awesome!! I love that bikini, where is it from? Wow what a beautiful trip, I wanna go!!

S. said...

what awesome pics! you look great! love the views.

Andrea Isabel said...

Such great pics! Glad you both had a good time!clut

The Drama Mama said...

Oh my word, L-O-V-E the pictures from your fun! I just found you blog and you guys are just too cute! And I see you are in the great state of Texas, huh?! I hope you're loving it! Congrats on your sweet baby boy, Hudson...I can't wait to hear more updates!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

sweet belly! so glad you got to get away! (and that we got to see you one more time!!)

Erin said...

It looked like an amazing trip. You look so adorable!

Sarah@VintageChic said...

What a gorgeous destination!!!! Looks like a lot of fun!
You look super cute!!!

BLC :o said...

Awe! What great fun. You look fabulous. Xoxo-BLC

Lisa said...

you are adorable! Those pictures are so gorgeous they look fake. I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip.

Nat said...

You are adorable! I can only hope I look that cute when I'm preggo. Your trip looks amazing!

Suzi said...

oh my goodness, could you look any cuter?? what a great trip!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I'm so glad you all had a great time! You look fantastic! I only hope I can look that good when I get pregnant. That sunset picture is gorgeous!

Kymberly said...

Nat! Hi! Were you nervous about going out of the country while pregnant? How was the food at the resort? I'd love to know! Thanks!!