Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sweet home oklahoma

After Aruba, JR had to fly back to PA to head back to work and I stayed back in TX coordinating {eating donuts} the move. Since we have been in temporary living, all of our stuff had stayed behind until last week. I could not have done it without the help of my parents, who so willingly helped me take shifts as we watched all of our belongings get packed, loaded, and driven off to PA. After a 3-day move, JR flew back and we made our old drive up to the Farm. It was a weekend filled with this....
A weekend filled with fresh air, fishing, 4-wheelers, and some darn cute kiddos. I think there was even a fish fry in there. We had perfect weather everyday, with some afternoon spring showers, and a 4-wheeler showdown.
We can go a million places in the world to relax and enjoy, but there is something about being home and being able to ride out into the pasture with your niece and nephew that makes you realize there is no where else you'd rather be.
Some poor critters got thrown into the mix, and because Aunt Nat isn't a lover of critters...I got to play photographer while they all try and convince me to just "pet" them. If it doesn't have fur and meow, bark, or moooo chances are I won't be interacting much.
I'd trade places with this little guy if he'd let me come post up in OK, wherever he may live and I'll switch him and give him our spot in PA. He doesn't seem like one, much for discussion?? It's also very okay that my niece and nephew have to tell me the difference between a toad and a frog.
On weekends like this, to be down in the creek and look up to see a clear blue sky and hear nothing but the sounds of Oklahoma really really makes it hard to accept that we are a thousand miles from where we want to be.
We have our days. Some good, some bad. Some sad, too. Overall, it has been and I know it will continue being a learning experience and quite an adventure for our little family but it doesn't take away our heartache of missing our family, friends, and being able to watch pool time.
...or to even share in spotting a hummingbird nest up in the tree.
My husband is so at peace out there, and there is no greater joy for me than to see him so happy.When daddy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.
I have to stop myself sometimes and realize that we chose this move. We chose this. It still can't take away how much we miss home, but I pray daily that we grow. That we grow in more ways than one.
It's easy to get caught up in the trials we all face, but for me, and not without struggle it's easier now to see how blessed we are. How blessed our life is, that we were given the opportunity to pursue a career, and given the opportunity to share this time together, and most importantly given the opportunity to start our own family. I simply could not ask for more.
We now anchor down in PA in anticipation of the arrival of our sweet tiny who daily reminds us how much we have to look forward to with every little kick and rumbling we feel of him. He's getting ready to come out and play with his buddy Luke, who paid us a visit at the Farm :) We've gotta keep growing this baby, so he can too can fall in love with the Farm just like his mommy and daddy. Where is your Farm?


Erin Elizabeth said...

bless your heart.

you'll learn to love your new home, and i'm sure you will make plenty of visits back to oklahoma to visit!!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful pictures! I imagine it's hard some days to be away from what you are so used to and love so much, but everyday your home will become where you two and your tiny are! So PA, OK, TX, etc will ALL feel like home in their own way when you are with your family! Hang in there! Glad you are back to posting. Blog world has missed you! =)

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

We loved seeing you guys....And just think...Next time we do Luke's will have his new buddy!!

And I think this distance is good. We don't need another Cody and JR out on the 4-wheeler, going to who knows where!!! :) LOL

Love you my friend!

Don't worry...We are only 15 min from the farm and we miss it when we aren't out there enjoying all it has to offer!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

made me tear up a little. I love you sweet friend! Your house will feel like home soon. Especially when it's filled with the smell of newborn baby, dirty diapers, baby food and fresh laundry! We will all be up there to help you at different times too! Love you guys so very much! praying for you...

Sweet Simplicity said...

Ty and I want to leave OK for a while, possibly during his residency. I know it will be hard and will definitely make us appreciate this place a little more. There really is no place like home. But think about all the great new experiences you are having and learning from. Plus your home will be wherever the hubs and that baby will be. (I'm sure you know this.) I want to hear more about PA. I've missed your posts! :)

Life at the White House said...

I read this last night and cried!

You have a wonderful outlook though and sound like you are doing your very best to see the positive.....and counting your blessings along the way.

Home to me is in West Texas (the Panhandle) and we miss it so! My hubby is from there too and there isn't a day that goes by that we don't miss it. Someday we'll be back there..........where life is SLOWER!

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers - hang in're doing great and over time it will definitely get easier!

Lil' Woman said...

I'm sure you'll learn to love your new home when you have the baby there! :)
You'll be making new memories and have a connection to PA because of the things the little one will live thru there.