Thursday, May 21, 2009

is it totally okay...

that I've felt such comfort staying at my parent's house all week?

that I keep telling myself that my appetite is slowing down, even though I can still out-eat you any day?

that I realized my showers are man-showers {bar of soap, shampoo/conditioner/, and a razor}? My makeup bag is a whole different ballgame.

that I can still very much rock out to Eminem in the car, and like it? Then feel guilty that I'm playing rap for my womb child...

that the lack of normalcy in our life is starting to feel normal?

that I secretly like having moved far far away {just for a bit}, just me and my husband? I find romance in that.

that I've been away from my kitty babies, going on two weeks now and I miss them more than I'm willing to admit publicly?

that being a housewife is WAY more work than I had ever imagined?

that my heart swells and feels like it could explode, when I think of how much I am in love with our son?

that I think it's totally awesome that I just now changed the name on my Social Security today? Over a year after our

that I sit and stare at Hudson's ultrasound pictures daily because I can't wait to see his sweet face and smother him with millions and millions of kisses? poor child.

that I just read Left Behind, 10 years after the rest of the world?

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Lil' Woman said...

All of that is def. OK! : )