Tuesday, September 29, 2009

look where it got me

We all blog-hop. Blog hop sounds better than blog-stalk, I think.

You can't say you don't do it. We're all guilty of it. It's okay. Don't be ashamed.

I'm always inspired by your ideas out there, because I lack them. I lack ideas. Atleast, the good and creative kind.

From one must-read blog {Life at the White House} to another {Life in the Fun Lane} I am now with a basement lined with furniture to be painted and a bucket of white paint.

I have a mild obsession with all things white. I could live in an all white house. So clean and perfect and pretty. Behold, Life in the Fun Lane. She paints things white. White, white, white.

I quickly ran upstairs, found whatever JR would let me paint and I'm now seeing more white than I've ever wanted to see in my life. Turns out--painting DARK things WHITE takes many many coats.

Sweet tiny schedules don't allow for full-out paint sessions so I'm in a constant cycle of:



you likely get the idea.

If it turns out good I'll show you. If it turns out bad, well...

I had to promise JR that no child would be painted in this project.

to be continued...


Ricardo and Lauren said...

cant wait to see your newly painted pieces! THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!!!

Lisa said...

we all do it. That's how I found you (I found you through Kyndyl's) a long time ago!
PS Life at the white house (Darci) is a real life friend of mine and she has great ideas for EVERYTHING as well. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Lisa said...

oh and...how do you get your pics so big? Is it in settings?? Thanks.

jenn said...

i must admit i read your's all the time, and became a follower just today. that way i don't feel as stalkish..ha/ha!! i love your stories, they crack me up. and cute little hudson

the tichenor family said...

I painted an iron bed on our back patio while Carson was a baby... literally, I was praying it wouldn't rain that week, because I was on the same baby/paint schedule! Can't wait to see your projects.

Ryan said...

I found your blog by "blog-hopping". I love it and I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've enjoyed reading...Hudson is adorable!

Cameron and Wendy said...

I am guilty as well of finding your blog by "blog-hopping." Your little family is too cute, and I love all of your fun decorating ideas! Hope you don't mind if I keep peeking in on your blog!

Kyndal said...

Hey, we all know that blog-hopping can find you REAL LIFE friends, and I'm eternally thankful for that!! I can't wait to see what you've chosen to paint! Are you going to inspire me, too?

williamson family said...

First off, Blog hopping is greatness... I by chance ran across your blog that way and couldn't be more excited about it.
Second, I LOVE the two blogs that you shared with us. I absolutely adore all of the WHITE! She is so extremely talented.
Third... I too would like to know how you get your photos so large when you post them to your blog. I figure that it has to do with your fancy blog template but I could be so wrong (I hope that I am). I would love to have mine that large as well.

Elizabeth said...

Holly at Life in the Fun Lane has made me want to paint everyting in my house white.. i love it!!

Stephanie said...

I admit, that I too, found you by hopping and hopping and hopping:-) I love Holly and because of your post I want to paint everything in my house WHITE!! I love it; thank you so much for sharing.

Life at the White House said...

hey dear-

i'm a total weirdo when it comes to blogworld privacy (primarily with regards to random people googling my name and reading up on my whole life via my blog).

anyway - i posted both mine and the hubby's name in my comment here, so google is picking it up. do you mind deleting my last comment? told ya - i'm weird. hope you don't mind!!! xoxo.