Tuesday, September 22, 2009

no clue

I went from a 5-day a week/8 hr a day/Monday-Friday job to a 7 days a week/24 hours a day/All Week job. Leaving me with absolutely no idea what day it is...

Your Friday could be my Tuesday, and my Monday could be your Wednesday. More or less what my calendar looks like. After two days of a fussy pea pod who has turned into Baby Crab, I finally pulled out my Baby Whisperer and asked {pleaded} with her to guide me. Show me the light because I've been trying, with no such luck, to convince my Baby Crab that giant hissy's and incessant crying have passed in trend. It's just not cool anymore.

He's not buying my story.

Thus, today we are trying a Baby Whisperer day. The EASY day, for any of you BW readers. Already, our day has started 97 % better. I'm even enjoying a cup of coffee. Enjoying.

Hear that??? That's right...no crying. Just sweet Baby Crab trying out some shut-eye.

I'll let you know if our EASY day is in fact easy. {update: we're 30 mins in, and I hear Baby Crab wailing...}

This past weekend we unsuccessfully tried to go get Baby Crab's passport done, after getting the three of us ready and outfitting the babe in his finest bubble outfit we showed up two hours too late. I would.

The pictures above are right before heading out that morning, so you can kind of gauge Baby Crab's demeanor that day.

We love to just get in the car and go, so after that failed passport outing we ended up 30 mins north of the city in a very cute small town that had a fair going on so we stopped in so we could feed Baby Crab and to let JR wander {his favorite thing to do}.

Shortly thereafter, Hudson got a tummy-ache and our fault completely because we switched formula on him and it was a no-go. How awful you feel as a parent when you're only trying to help and it goes haywire :( We are obviously now back on the original diet. Eek.

On our way home, we got a call from Brett that the OU game was on!!! so we rushed home, got us all changed into our Sooner gear and parked ourselves in front of the tv.

We even got some visitors, although they are Cowboy fans :) They fancy orange, not crimson. Silly Pokes. Heath and Megan, fellow southerners.

Sunday, JR had a golf-date with Brett so I started off his morning with homemade biscuits and gravy. That dish truly is the way to his heart. I lie actually, because only the gravy was homemade and it really wasn't too horrid for my first real try. Why is gravy so hard to master?? Gah. While JR did the dishes, Baby Crab and I got to snuggle outside for a bit.

We ended our day hanging out with the whole Braly family, only for our guys to come home to TWO screaming {Hudson} crying {Kaiser} children. Their lovely baby voices could be heard from outside, yes. At one point we had them both going at the same time. It was amazing, and turned our house into quite the funhouse. All we needed were those mirrors that distort your image...it was that nuts. Managing still to end on a positive note, literally with a little Guitar Hero in honor of Brett's 28th birthday. Happy Birthday Brett!!!!

and lastly, this. The view from our bedroom last night...

and my view this morning. God is so good.


The Fenner's said...

Sorry you guys have has a rough couple of days! I hope it gets better, because he is just the most adorable thing ever. And you are looking beautiful!

Courtney said...

Beautiful pictures, you guys are such an adorable family.

kristian and katy said...

I read the Baby Whisperer a couple months ago and loved it, but was wondering if it would all actually be helpful. So glad to know it has been working for you!
Love seeing your precious little one.

The Drama Mama said...

Thank you for putting a smile on my face...those last two pictures are beautiful!

The Gardella's said...

Sorry to hear that you have had a baby crab the last few days. Baby Wise has worked wonders for us. We had the same incident switching formulas on our little man the other day. His belly was so upset and he just cried and cried. I felt terrible so you are not alone. Gravy really is the HARDEST food to master. I have been trying for a couple of years now :)

Melissa said...

Hudson is so darn cute!! I love reading all the updates and seeing his pictures. I can't wait to see him in person!!!

Carly Engibous said...

One thing we always tried when ours were fussy is Mylicon. I should have bought stock in it when we were new parents. Always seemed to do the trick.

Love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful family. Found yours through Drama Mama.

Abby said...

I can make gravy paste...does that count???

Hope things work out with Baby Crab. If it helps any, everything is usually a phase! He'll be over it in no time!

The Taliaferro's said...

the pictures are great nat. Baby crab huh. sounds like he's taking after JR. cant wait to see you guys next month.

Donald and Angela said...

What a sweet post - these "baby crab" days will pass! We read babywise and found it really helpful too - if you're interested in another approach! Beautiful pictures - he is a handsome one!

Lisa said...

I'm sorry hun, I know that part is tough. We went through 2 weeks of HE$$ with changing formulas. Once you get your happy camper back it will be happy time again. I read the BW and it was pure greatness! I love his pics as always, what a sweet handsome guy.

Ricardo and Lauren said...

maybe a visit from aunt lu will make baby crab, happy baby! :)

love all the pics!!!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I hope the book starts to help soon! That pic of you and Hudson in your pj's is so cute! Glad to see you have enough Cowboy love to show a pic of 2 fans! :)