Wednesday, September 23, 2009


If he had a baby runway to spit-up on, he would be the star of the show---my tot. Project Runway Hudson.

Just because he's a he and not a she doesn't mean I can't play dress up with Baby Crab {who for the record seems less crabby today, but Baby Crab may stick}. I secretly love the multiple outfit changes we have daily only because I get to see him in so many cutes.

Now, I must add that as a child my grandpa had to install a lock on my closet door because I was known to change my own outfit all day long. Clearly I have a problem that went poor child now is subject to my clothes obsession.

Following suit of Lea Liz, who said it very well on her blog----that for now longalls, shortalls, and bubbles are so precious on their tiny selves. They have the rest of their lives to wear big boy clothes, and it gives us momma's time to play dress up with our pea pods. Thank goodness they grow opinions on such things, because I can see myself putting Hudson in a bubble at the age of 5 which would likely ensue with some bullying. Not okay.

I got a little wordy there {I'm positive you're shocked}, because all I really wanted to show you was this:

His Sooner wardrobe is growing, and in fact began the day after we found out Hudson was a tiny baby boy. We found out on a Friday and we were in Norman the next day shopping for him. I wasted no time preparing for my Sooner baby, that I had always dreamt of.

The longalls I got him will be embroidered with "Go Sooners" instead, and will be perfect for our Fall trip down to the Homeland. I bought it at PattieCakePretties on Etsy and they have so many custom outfits for the babes--college, holiday, and monogram. oh, monogram. the love.

Baby Crab would make my heart melt in this, for our upcoming beach trips for the end of the year. Mommy's precious Baby Crab ♥


Cee said...

awws so cute!

Kelly said...

Cute outfits...he will look adorable in them!!

Sarah and Mike said...

I LOVE the Sooner outfit!! Bubbles are my favorite, too bad my husband is not a fan. :)

Lea Liz said...

I love both of those, love them I am heading over to that etsy shop!!!

I could see myself putting Brody in a bubble at 5 too, my husband would die.

Funny.. my babysitter would not let me go upstairs to my room during the day (I would go to change my clothes) and it made me sooo mad!!!

Melissa said...

Love your blog. you crack me up :) Reall a lock on your closet? Amazing....