Friday, October 02, 2009

his aunt lu

He woke up and got to meet his Aunt Lu for the very first time.

She flew 16 1/2 hours to see his tiny face.

They fell in love.

He gave her all kinds of smiles and decided to chat some Baby Crab talk.

We've shared wedding days and a childhood friendship but I now get to watch my Lu be Aunt Lu to my baby boy.


Elaine said...

Oh so sweet. I love these pictures! Hope you all have a fun weekend together!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

Awe that made me tear up! I am in love! I love that he's so cuddly and will sleep on my chest for an hour:) it's so neat to watch you in this stage of your life! I love all three of you!

Lil' Woman said...

How sweet! :)

Kerry said...

That is adorable!! He is so precious! :) xx

Sarah and Mike said...

Such sweet pictures, for some reason seeing Lauren holding Hudson makes me feel really old.