Thursday, October 01, 2009

it's a thankful kind of day

Y'all are far too sweet.

I get tickled when you "award" me. Since I've become a momma, I feel like I can use the word "tickled" and it sounds age appropriate. I never used it in my pre-momma days. I'm now tickled that I used tickled publicly.

Both Melissa AND Lea Liz awarded me this snazzy:

and come up with 7 random facts about me. Eeesh. I am NEVER good at these things. {in the meantime I'll eye candy you with some shots of my camo outfitted babe who is ready for a good Oklahoma hunt all thanks to his Uncle Tommy and the Neff's}

1) I love Botox. Yep. I'll just start it out with a bang. I can wrinkle my forehead like that of a Shar-pei and there is not a whole lot about that, that I like. Botox is a glorious toxin and fills those suckers in. {I bet you feel closer to me already, huh.}

2) I am fluent in Spanish. If I don't pass this on to Hudson and Co., I will consider that my greatest regret in life.

3) Furthermore, if there is any {ANY, ANY, ANY} type of Latin music on---be it salsa, merengue, Spanish guitar...I WILL BREAK OUT AND DANCE NO MATTER WHERE I AM. I love to dance, not the coreagraphed kind, just dance. According to my husband I have only one "move" but I think I do that move well. It's that college-girl-i'm such-an-amazing-dancer-don't-you-wanna-dance-just-like-me-cause-i'm awesome-move. You know it, because you did it too. We frequently have dance parties at our house {myself} and even danced a lot when I was pregnant---in fact it almost put me into labor one night {dancing to Michael Jackson's Free Willy song, in case you were curious}.

4) I love to vacuum. Hate most other household chores, but vacuuming is truly a joy in my book. I'm so weird. I know.

5) I'm considering starting up my own baby photography biz. Don't have quite the confidence I need yet to really embark upon it, but I'm praying for it daily. Already have the name for it, and that excites me tremendously...

6) I hear Baby Crab awakening. 6 will have to wait.

7) I have the best job in the world. I may say this all the time, but my moments as a mother trump anything I have ever felt and experienced in my life before. To share this all with my husband goes beyond any happiness and love I ever imagined for myself.

Naptime is over, and it's time to feed: so I nominate you ALL to post 7 random facts about you, because they really are fun to read and I will pass out awards momentarily...

p.s. the WHITE room turned out awesome.


Elizabeth said...

I love your much fun to read :)

Anonymous said...

you should absolutely start a baby photo business! why not??! your pics are great! love that youre open about doing botox too! :)


Ricardo and Lauren said...

1. You're crazy, but thats why I love you!
2. You better and I know you will. That's something we would love to both learn and pass on!
3. Heck yeah! And I love that hudson almost came into this world while you are dancing to mj!
4. You can vacuum our house any day! I'd rather dust! You know me and cleaning smells!
5. Great idea! I think you should:)
6. Yes feed him then come pick us up:)!!!!
7. You are a wonderful mom and I can't wait to see you in action!

Love you! See you in a few!!

Lil' Woman said...

I love his tiny little camo hat...he models it well! :)

Abby said...

Loves it, Nat! I'm feeling closer already ;)

Kerry said...

aww! i love vacuuming too! hehe xx

Black Labs and Lilly said...

I don't usually comment, but I love the line about your "college girl" dance move, I know exactly what you mean!!

mama faith said...

Those pictures are oh so cute! And you go for it with the photography business. There is nothing better than working for yourself when you're a mommy!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Your pictures are fantastic! You should definitely start a business!

I loved reading all your facts!

Melissa said...

I think he looks so much like you! Love all the fun facts. Very entertaining during nap time aka blog stalk. :)

Nat said...

He is just too precious!!