Tuesday, April 08, 2008

hog heaven

Glenda promised the kids that they could come over after the shower to feed the goats, so after JR and I napped, we headed over to Glenda's and I think Joseph and I were the most enthused with all of the animals!! Hahaha!
Poor goat! ha! He looks irritated!
Ofcourse! Joseph in the feeder!
awwwww, the babies were SO cute!
I can't figure out to hold them though! JR thinks this is really funny.....
The babies in the feeder :)
These little guys were Joseph's buddies!! It was so cute to watch! They'd nip his little hiney!
He'd try and beat on them a little, ha!
He'd had enough play time! Always a snuggle in there somewhere! He's such a snuggle bunny!

We had so much fun!! Thank you Glenda for having us over!!

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Ricardo and Lauren said...

fun!! by the title i thought you might have spent some time with my animal of choice!! cute goats!