Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Since dropping off our PETTIJOHN sign to get framed (thanks Holly and Terrie), I've had this desire to frame more :)

I've had my eye on these spectacular prints of the old OU football programs ranging from the 1950's and on! They are such a neat find, and my idea is to have a few of them framed for our office. JR has made it pretty clear, that he does not want our house to end up crimson and cream, so I see this as a compromise! It's still OKLAHOMA, but it's vintage and has a very cool look to it!

These are a few I have in mind:

Check it out!! OU vs. Colorado, Dad's Day Wknd OCT. 1965

William and Mary vs. OU, September 29, 1957 My Favorite!! OU vs OSU, November 30, 1957



The Jarnagins said...

Love the framed programs idea... very creative and vintage!

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

Those are awesome. I need to get some OSU ones for Cody T!