Monday, April 14, 2008

pretty pots

On a lighter note, I have a fat finger and a green thumb :) dork!

Lauren has been quite the gardener these days, and found the mini-pots at Target, and I ofcourse have been wanting to copy! Alas!!!! I finally found some at our store!!

They have all kinds of herbs and such, but I wanted something pretty to start out with, so I got a Marigold, Daisy, and a Strawberry plant! All of them have sprouted, and I'm super proud of my mini-pots!

In order from baby sprout to big sprout: strawberry, daisy, and marigold!! woo-hoo!

I went over to Ryan's last night and convinced her roomie, Schills, to go out and get some too!! They are so fun!! and so teeny tiny! If you get some, you must post when they sprout! Happy mini-gardening!!!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

I'm so proud! They look so good! :-)

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

Those pots are cute. I am still thinking about doing the chalkboard ones for the kitchen! We'll see!