Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I'm onto my next project.

My last project was made first canvas...eek. If you may recall---->

I'm over it. I don't like it anymore, given it was my first 'painting' but no no. I no longer like it really.

My next project, or current rather is one for my future niece, Emma Rose.

She doesn't know I'm working on it, because if I don't like the finished product I'm going to have to start over, hahaha! I'm hoping to have it finished by the wedding to give to her as part of her flower girl gift.

It will be her first gift from her Aunt Nat and my first gift to my new niece.

So, I thought I'd give you a peek at what I'm working on:

Please feel free to make fun of my 'painters palette', i.e. paper towels and my gift packaging protector on our kitchen table! Hey! you have to work with what you have! I realized how funny it looks once I had posted :)

I can't say what my finished design will be, but you can atleast see my progress so far! I bought a 10 x 10 canvas I believe and some Emma colors :) Here's what I have up til now! Getting a straight line I learned, requires some tape!! This took me a whole morning! Amateur!

Once I have the next step done, I will post.
It's coming along great!! I'm happy with it so far! Now I have to come up with a design for Joe Joe, because he's getting an Aunt Nat too! Like I always say, a homemade gift is always better than a generic one. I've always felt that it is the love and care that goes into one that is what is truly special. It's neat to give them things that can remind them of how much I love them, when when we are a state away from the babies we love most.

Hopefully it will be something very special to Emma, from her future Aunt Nat!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

awww it looks beautiful so far!!! great job nat!!

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

She will love it!! Mainly because it came from you!! :)

And you are motivating me to be crafty!! :)

Anonymous said...