Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the best time of year

We love Christmas, but I LOVE Christmas. For us, decorating the house and putting up the tree is so special to do together...thus we started a tradition last year (I'm a tradition-starter) to play our Christmas CD's and make homemade chocolate chip cookies (those will be tonight) and put up our tree and ornaments.

I love the sentiment of things, JR even moreso so we like to find little ways to make things more personal to us and one of the other things we do for Christmas is buy each other an ornament for that year! It's a small gift but when we were getting them out last night it made us smile :) They end up being somewhat reflective of that will be fun to see what some of our future years will bring us in ornaments!!!

JR bought me and surprised me with this huge tree last year, and it was the best gift I got!! We had been on the hunt for the perfect tree, and ofcourse he found it! We had the same tree my whole life, so I think it would be neat for our children one day to love this tree as much as we do! JR thinks we will upgrade one day, we'll see! haha! I told him if that's the case, I'm going for the 13 footer! That's my compromise :)

This is our second Christmas together in our home and with our boys. However, the boys think Christmas is a time to be super naughty!! I don't get it! They are perfect little kitties all year, but when they see that tree go up they turn into a crazy mess! They dart into the room, barrel around the tree, then ball up under it because they think we can't find them! so naughty!! We're waiting for they day we come home and the tree is horizontal...they'll have an angry mommy and daddy! for sure! It's like having children!! We've had to anchor all of our stuff down and into walls because they'll break all of our stuff! Then they act real sweet, after they've been caught chewing on the tree and batting the ornaments, sneaky kitties!

We still have a quite a bit of work to do to our beautiful tree, but here is what we got accomplished last night! Hope you all are enjoying your Christmas decorating!!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

yay!! We put our dinky one up on Sunday night.. I took picutres but don't even want to post them. HAHA! I guess we will wait one more year, but that's it...not any longer! Merry Christmas!

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

We can't wait to put our tree up this weekend. Cody will be working so me and Luke are going to get it together! I bought his first Christmas ornament. And that is a great idea. I think I will buy Cody one for his stocking!! :)