Thursday, November 29, 2007

ever so patient

It's good "they" say when couples balance (i.e. one has a personality trait that other one doesn't) each other out. Last night was the perfect example, and I must praise my fiance for his unwavering patience with me and my never-ending, face, massage, etc....I love being a girl.

Being a girl though, is hard work! and time consuming! I decided yesterday that I needed a drastic change to my hair so I found this (whilst I was online shopping):

I am that blonde now. It took three different color processes, and three hours!!! No lie! and JR came with me! oops! I didn't realize how long it would take and he will sometimes come with me and get a haircut while I let my color sit and such. No, 3 hrs!! Insane! Even I was getting restless, and even after he let us grab some dinner at the restaurant I picked out! So, I must say thank you to my ever so patient fiance, because I was skipped in the "patience" line. I have none. zero. patience tank empty.

Babe, thank you for being so sweet about my 3 hr hair appt! Today we get to finish our wedding registry :) This is probably his favorite week ever! ask him about it :) haha!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

Can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!!

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

Where are the pics?