Thursday, November 08, 2007

thanksgiving numero uno

We will be heading up to the OK for our first Thanksgiving of the year!! yesssssssss! We are having to do it a little early to make sure everyone in the family can make it! I'm okay with early, because this allows me to start our holiday's even sooner! (Boomer Sooner)

Thanks to Lauren, she has informed me that 103.7 KVIL has officially started their non-stop Christmas music! I love everything from Halloween on, Halloween being my least favorite of the bunch...Thanksgiving is full of food, family, and sleeping. My three favorite things :)

JR still hasn't let us put the tree up, but I think I'll make him cave soon, it's time. I'm working on him one day at a time! Although, this 80 degree weather coming up really isn't helping my case much :/

** On a special sidenote, I may get a chance to babysit Baby Luke, our new newphew...and I am so excited to hold him, and love him, and kiss him!!

We hope you all have a great weekend! and we wish you a Happy Early Thanksgiving!!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

Happy Thanksgiving this weekend!!

Ashlee said...

Love the face in that pic! PRICELESS!!!!