Monday, December 03, 2007


This is JR's new building!It is 46 floors I think, and he's on the 43rd! He says his views are amazing up there! Thought you guys would like to see this cool pic we took of it! He works in downtown only 5 minutes from the house!

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Anonymous said...

You know how JR is about having to have a good view. In college (my first year), he and Jay had to move apartments becuase there was a big tree blocking their view, and at the new apt, they could throw empty bottles in the pool from their balcony! When did he start this job? The place looks great and Christmas-y! We bought a little 3 foot tree, our place still looks a little empty, but it's slowly getting there. What are you guys' plans for the hollidays? Jay and I get 2 weeks off for Christmas, so we're really happy about that!